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Inexhaustible Interest in Life

I stepped back to take a look at my computer area this evening…I hadn’t seen the forest for the trees and I realized what a pigsty it is. Well, you know what they say, messy desk equals organized mind, or something along those lines.

Every piece of this clutter represents an item or idea that I want to know more about, or raw material for something I wish to create. Especially important is blog fodder (articles, photos, items that I want to share with others). It seems like blogging has taken over my life as I attempt to create a post every day. I haven’t had Writer’s Block yet, and this mess is part of the reason why. Here’s the clutter rundown for today:

  • New Yusuf CD (by the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens). Haven’t heard it yet, need to give it a spin in the CD drive while I write. I did hear the first song, it sounds almost like vintage Cat. I loved his old stuff, so soothing and spiritually refreshing, so I thought I’d give him a try, even though he’s embraced a totally different lifestyle now.
  • Brotogeris Society magazine – periodical about my favorite species of birds. Gobi is one of them.
  • Chewed up plastic bag – Sometimes I just get so frustrated with my computer that I keep this bag on hand instead of tearing out hair… (just kidding -that’s Gobi’s work!). Inside the bag is the sum total of all my cousin Ron’s family memories in loose photographs. Some of his old army photos have interesting stainage on them – I really, really hope it’s just beer or food residue and not some kind of biohazard. I promised to scan these photos (after rinsing them off) and create a CD slideshow for him for easy computer viewing. It’s tedious going, a lot of work. At this rate he will never get the photos back and will wonder where they went to…
  • HP printer cartridges – here’s a tip: never listen to the printer when it asks you to change the cartridge. Milk those puppies for all they’re worth. I use mine until I notice people with blue faces or an absence of black tones…in other words, the sci-fi look.
  • Creative Zen mp3 player – combine it with Napster and you’ve got a friggin’ universe of music at your disposal.

How I love learning! And I learn so much from you guys out there. Your blogs are another constant source of continuing education!!!



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Wordless Wednesday #1

Wanna join Wordless Wednesday? Go to the Wordless Wednesday website to get added to the list of those participating.


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Quail Botanical Gardens

These photos were taken at Quail Botanical Gardens in picturesque Encinitas, California. I spent the day in that lovely city with my hubby Bill and our friend Marcia. It’s located just north of San Diego, right on the coast.

This place has plants from all over the world planted together in their respective biomes. In this photo, I am standing by very large stalks of bamboo. Have you ever tried to remove bamboo from the ground? It’s almost impossible to do by hand. And the stuff grows something like 1/4 – 1/2 inch a day (someone correct me if I’m wrong), so it’s a very hardy plant. Bamboo wood products are available that are very hard and sturdy (they make excellent floors) – plus the products are biologically sustainable because the stuff grows so fast, they can harvest the plants and have another batch ready to harvest soon after.

A little story about this photo is that on the day we were at the Gardens, there were actually monks there. Yes, Asian monks were strolling down the paths enjoying the views. So here are these monks, and they are walking by the giant bamboo, as well as other Asian plants, so it looks just like a setting in Asia – I wanted so badly to take a picture of these guys amidst that perfect background, but I was too shy to bother them. Hubby agreed we should leave them in peace. So I could have had a really wonderful foreign-looking shot, but at least my karma is intact!

Here I am in “Hawaii”, recreated beautifully by the Garden staff:

All in all, a cheap way to travel the world in a few hours!!


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Here is another comedy gem from my blog buddy Shaymus. He’s a crackup and his blog makes me laugh when I’m blue!

Seb, put Rambo up to the screen…is he laughing??

With teeth like that, I say keep the dog as happy as possible…


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It’s petty, but it’s how I feel right now…

I received an email from a longtime friend of mine who shall remain nameless. I have here changed the name to protect the guilty; I shall call this person Sue. Sue and I have known each other since high school, so we are very much familiar with each other. She has always been rather moody and broody, but I have learned to ignore that part of her personality as she has so many good qualities. She moved to the Midwest last summer with her family to pursue a new job opportunity.

Recently, Sue has had health problems – severe long term health problems requiring hospitalization. I spoke to her on the phone the other day and she’s hanging in there.

So today I get this group email from her about how happy she is in her new home and how thankful she is that all these people in her town and in her church who barely know her are so kind to her, bringing her meals, inviting her and her family to Thanksgiving dinners, etc. I think that’s wonderful. But then she says that this would never have happened in California, where often people don’t know their neighbors and keep to themselves, that they are too busy with their own troubles to concern themselves with others (“except for her friends who ‘of course’ would help her”).

So why am I just a teensy bit offended? Because this email felt like a little slap in the face. Sue has always been a person who complained about people not visiting or calling her, but she never calls back, or visits, or even responds to emails most of the time. Maybe I am deluding myself to the status or quality of our relationship.

Or maybe I just need to work on myself a little bit. It should not bother me this much – this is her path in life. There is a reason for the things we say and do. I have free will as does she, and if the friendship is no longer satisfying, it’s OK to let it be, or end it. I choose to let it be, as we have been friends for 30 years. But I know I will not be doing much of the calling or emailing until I feel that she actually wants to reciprocate. This is not a vindictive response, but a realistic one.

To have a friend, you have to BE a friend…


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Marlon Spins in His Grave

Just for the heck of it, I tried this “Celebrity Look-alike” website. Allegedly, these are the celebrities I resemble. OK I admit it, it’s an old photo of me (that’s me on the left at age 19). But never in my wildest dreams did I think I looked like the young Marlon Brando. I used to get comments that I looked like Princess Diana, but Marlon…ah ah.

I don’t mind the Kyra Sedgwick one, as she is one of my favorite actresses.


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Pocket Change

What do you do with your pocket change?

OK, you just got some change back from the vending machine. You carelessly drop it into your pocket or throw it into your purse. You really don’t think about it much, it’s just loose change, right?

Well, consider again. At the end of each day before going to bed, my husband empties out his pants pockets before throwing his pants into the laundry hamper. We have a little blue piggy bank on a table in our bedroom, and each night Bill puts his change in the slot in the piggy’s back. Night after night, more change is added till the pig is full; then we head to the CVS Pharmacy and throw the entire pig’s worth of change into a counting machine. We get a little ticket to take to the cashier, who hands us the amount counted by the machine in actual bills of green.

Last time we did this, we got $172.00 and some change out of the deal. This enabled us to buy our little parrot, Gobi (as a matter of fact, one of Gobi’s many nicknames is “Loose Change”).

It is really a wise financial move to save your loose change. There are so many things you could do with the money: Buy a pet, fund your IRA, save for a rainy day, put in your glove box to pay for future tolls, make an extra mortgage or car payment, buy that new Eels CD you always wanted, etc.



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