Hopping for Joy

Here is a video of a bird like mine having a hoppin’ good time. This is the way they like to cover distance; instead of running they hop like this. The first time I saw my bird Gizmo do this, I couldn’t stop laughing!





Filed under Birds, caique, Gizmo, Humor

5 responses to “Hopping for Joy

  1. Too cute 🙂

    Could only imagine how much fun it is to see your bird moving around like that. You’ll have to see if you can catch your bird on film and post it as well.

  2. glorious


  3. I second Lyndon — must be so fun to see your own bird do that. Neither of my caiques are hoppers. I used to try to teach Calypso, but gave up after a year or so of no progress…

  4. Kathleen

    Sonja, This is so cute. I watched it a couple of times.
    Kathleen & Pekabo

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