Bachelor Friendly Recipes

Hello Bachelors!

In these pages you will find recipes that are very simple to make, are nutritious, and use few ingriedients. They are healthy and will help keep you away from the “fast food” habit. You can lose weight with many of these recipes as long as you watch your portions.

Read this page only if you are interested in optimum nutrition. If you don’t want to delve into the concept of organic cooking, just skip this page and go to the recipes! I personally think it’s worth your while to switch to organic, but that’s your choice!!!

A little about my philosophy. I have been taught several important points by a nutritionist that I use in my everyday cooking. I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST OR HEALTH PROFESSIONAL AND DO NOT CLAIM TO BE AN EXPERT IN NUTRITION. The following are just some things I have learned in my quest for better health. If you have any questions or have special health concerns, you should consult a doctor or nutritionist yourself.

If you have a Whole Foods or a Mother’s Market or some form of natural/organic market you will probably find the items listed below.

Anyway, now that the disclaimer has been “disclaimed”, here are some tips I use:

  • Whole fresh foods are best. The rule of thumb is if it comes in a can or box, it’s lost some nourishment. The more processed food is, the less healthy it is for you.
  • Frozen veggies and fruits are actually OK. They are quick frozen and hold on to their nutrition.
  • Cook with olive oil often. Unless you are cooking something at a very high temperature, then you must use a different oil. Olive oil is good for low to medium temp cooking.
  • Use only extra virgin olive oil, or “expeller pressed oils” or “cold-pressed” oils. Check the labels. The “regular brands” you get at the store are not expeller or cold pressed and they are probably rancid due to the heat process used to produce them. Rancid oil is unhealthy on many levels.
  • DO NOT eat foods containing any trans-fats, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. They are known to clog your arteries, among other things. Look at labels before you buy anything. You will be amazed how many items have these bad fats in them.
  • Try to eat organic fruits and vegetables if possible. If you can’t find these, eat your veggies and fruits anyway. You still need them. But wash them well to remove as much pesticide residue as possible.
  • Try to eat organic meats as well. They do not have any added antibiotics or hormones in them. If possible, get bacon and pork products with no nitrites or nitrates in them.
  • It’s OK to eat a little butter once in awhile. Don’t eat margarine or other processed spreads. They may contain the trans-fats talked about above, besides they are highly processed.
  • White bread is junk. Eat whole grain bread instead. If you’re allergic to wheat, there are lots of whole grain substitutes out there. A good one is the “Alvarado Street Bakery” brand. You can get it at Mother’s Market.
  • “Everything in moderation” is the key phrase!!!

Quick Open-faced Sammie

BBQ Tofu With Yam


8 responses to “Bachelor Friendly Recipes

  1. You’re debunking my Twinkie diet?! How dare you! A couple more years, and I’ll be a cartoon junk food cowboy myself.
    – Twinkie Man

  2. Sabrina

    You’re such a Good Person!!!!

  3. Actually when cooking, extra virgin is not the best option, it is best used for dressings and for salads etc, for cooking you want high quality Olive Oil, just not extra virgin, it might also be called second or third pressing. It comes dfrom the same olives in the same way but its flavour is less intense, and it doesn’t burn as easy.

  4. Sean

    hey where are the updates? Did you ever make your book goal? Did you set a new one?

  5. Mkwaruza

    after all is said and done…do you know many people have not had anything to eat today….and they dont care whether its organic or not??

    • Of course I am aware of world hunger. I am also aware that if there is a way to make yourself and others healthier, it’s a good idea to do so. I can’t make sure the hungry get organic food because of the way profit and greed exist in the world today…chemicals used to produce “more food than naturally growing food” are an issue I fight against with my voting power,signature, and money. Eating organic is not meant as a slap in the face to the hungry. I am all for helping the hungry; does this mean I have to poison my body in solidarity with them?

      However, if I can short circuit the industrialized factor of farming and eat as God intended I will do so.

      Are you involved in programs to help the poor? I’d love to know which ones and how they are working.

    • Tony

      Did you know the world currently produces enough food to feed every human being on earth? The only reason people don’t get fed is because of governments and militia groups consolidating money and power for themselves. Don’t take your (justified) anger out on “the people.”

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