Quiet Day

Is it just me or did anybody else notice less people about today than usual? The freeway was actually moving at 5:15 pm- there were fewer cars on the road.

Could the fact that this is the anniversary of 911 have anything to do with that?



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6 responses to “Quiet Day

  1. A moving freeway is something sp[ecial indeed and there has to be a reason.

  2. I recently bought a 4-5 month old Bee Bee parrot who wasn’t hand fed. It doesn’t bite, but if I try to catch it/ handle it, it screams. It was hatched in Puerto Rico. I would like to sell it. It gets along with my parrotlet & Quaker. Jen L

    • Hi Jen,

      Bee bee parrots are species Brotogeris and you can get on the Yahoo group titled “Brotogeris”.

      You can communicate with other Brotogeris owners and perhaps find a home for the bird you are thinking of selling.

      Just go to Yahoo groups and look for Brotogeris, then join.


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