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Carving Contest


Don’t try this at home. Keep all power tools out of reach of pets.



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A Corny Post

When most people think of Southern California, they think of palm trees, sand, ocean, succulents, and perhaps tall grasses.

So when I saw that my neighbor had corn planted in his front yard, I had to capture it for the rest of the world to see. It is, or course, unusual to see corn in California, but as part of landscaping – well, that’s extremely rare. The corn only lasts about 3 months, then it starts getting brown and wilty, so they cut it down. Frankly, I am surprised that the homeowner’s association (which actually bans things like having an open garage door for long periods of time, working on your car in front of your house, having a home of the wrong color, and a host of other sins) has allowed the corn embellishment. But, lo and behold, every year around the end of August, the little corn plants sprout and thrive till the beginning of November or so.


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My Rubber Ducky

Moira J. Kelly takes the cutest photos of her bird Brody. Here he is again sharing his bath with his rubber ducky. He seems quite content at first, but then seems to have a change of heart about his rubbery friend! I love the eye contact between Brody and the duck on the first photo. So sweet! I wonder how much of a mess Moira has to clean up after each of Brody’s baths!


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Bird’s Eye View of the Bird

Love, love, LOVE this shot of Tim, son of my friends Mark and Svetlana. He and his family were enroute to Russia for a family vacation via JFK airport.

Little contemplates big…


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If Humans Disappeared Today…

They forgot to mention that cockroaches and Cher would still live on…

Drawing borrowed from Casual Slack.


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Cross Your Legs and Hope to Die

Have you ever felt like this? All filled up and nowhere to go?

Thanks to Shaymus O’Flatulence for the use of this photo. He runs the funniest blog I have ever seen!


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Answer to Yesterday’s Quiz

Yesterday’s quiz photo is the underside of a Plecostamus (algae eating fish). It resides in my 70 gallon home aquarium and keeps the tank nice and tidy. Here’s a more global shot of it.
His/her name is Sweet Lou Fischer – (s)he was given to me by my neighbor B. Fischer, Jr. and co-named after Fischer and Sweet Lou Johnson the baseball player. S(he) is a pretty large fish, approximately 7.5 inches long (that’s about19.5 cm for my out-of-US readers).

If you guessed right, congrats. No prize unfortunately except for a good feeling about yourself and the world in general.


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