My Rubber Ducky

Moira J. Kelly takes the cutest photos of her bird Brody. Here he is again sharing his bath with his rubber ducky. He seems quite content at first, but then seems to have a change of heart about his rubbery friend! I love the eye contact between Brody and the duck on the first photo. So sweet! I wonder how much of a mess Moira has to clean up after each of Brody’s baths!



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8 responses to “My Rubber Ducky

  1. Looks sweet!
    Warm regards and blessings to you Sonia!

  2. I think in the second picture, Brody just got tired of hearing the joke about the duck who walks into a bar 🙂

  3. haha! That’s really classic. maybe you can send something to Birdworld magazine or something. 🙂

  4. Sonja:
    I don’t know which is more precious – the bird bath pictures or the little boy looking out the airport window!

    I was at a Halloween party yesterday and someone had a pet bird there with a DIAPER on so it wouldn’t poop on people’s shoulders!! It was an amazing invention! Does your birdy friend have one?

  5. Ha thats funny….the birds saying ” Hey Duck! Get outa my Space!

  6. Cute! Yea, looks a little confused there.

  7. Moira Kelly the actress? I used to have such a crush on her!

  8. Nope, not Moira the screen actress. This Moira is a consultant and says she’s had the name a lot longer than the other Moira, LOL.

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