All You Need is Love, Paul

The Heather and Paul McCartney divorce is getting ugly.

She claims he has beaten her in the past and that he would not let her breastfeed their baby because they are “my breasts” (his words).

I don’t know about you, but I have always had an intuitive dislike of his soon-to-be-rich ex-wife. It’s not nice to judge, but I can’t help but feel that she is just not a nice person; I have always gotten the “gold digger” vibe from her. Sure, nobody can look inside a person or a marriage; no one knows what goes on behind closed doors (bad song lyrics). Perhaps Paul is no angel either. But I can’t help siding with Sir Paul in this row. I have always liked Paul. He and the late beloved Linda raised four children together and breast possession never seemed to be an issue.

There is no prenuptial agreement, because it was deemed by the McCartneys as being “unromantic”. According to reports, this divorce may result in one of the world’s biggest settlements. It’s interesting to further note that Heather has retained Princess Diana’s divorce attorney, while Paul has retained Prince Charles’s lawyer. The rich are different…

So Paul, I wish you well. And particularly I wish you the wisdom to seek a partner who loves you; one who doesn’t want to exploit you for your wealth or status. I also hope you will get a lawyer who will force you to sign a prenup next time.

The McCartneys in happier times, 2002.
Photo from the Sydney Morning Herald



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5 responses to “All You Need is Love, Paul

  1. Thanks Sonja for this. I like Poul and wish him all the best!
    I think that you don’t have objections to that I take your great post about “The Agin Brain” to my blog?
    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Hey, remember in the 60’s he (along with the rest of the Fab 4) was receiving marriage proposals in the mail???? Literally 1,000’s. I don’t think he’s getting many proposals these days. Time can be cruel, I’m afraid..

  3. Kystyna, please feel free to borrow whatever you like for your blog. I hope it can help people who read it!

  4. I think he would be a bit of a controlling fellow…But then she would of known that before the wedding…..

  5. The press here is full of it , more tales and revelations in each paper – all competing to be the *worst* – also allegations of how she used another journalists name ( Heather Mills ) and claimed she authored the other ladies work.

    What annoys me is that there is a child caught up in all this – how will she feel when she inevitably finds all that has been written and said ?

    Greed does terrible things to people ………..

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