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Quiet Day

Is it just me or did anybody else notice less people about today than usual? The freeway was actually moving at 5:15 pm- there were fewer cars on the road.

Could the fact that this is the anniversary of 911 have anything to do with that?



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Sounds Wonderful

I was laying down taking a nap this past weekend; as I lay there next to an open window with the sun drawing patterns on the walls, I could hear the sounds of my neighborhood drift in and out of the room. I realized how grateful I am for the gift of hearing (I do have a slight hearing loss in my right ear) and started making a mental list of all the sounds that I really love. I’m not trying to write a sentimental, corny post here, but I couldn’t help sharing this once I thought about it (although my list will be much gentler than that expressed by Elton John in Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – “a couple of the sounds that I really like are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike…”) :

the crisp unfolding of my parrots’ wings as they stretch after sleeping

the rustle of the wind through the leaves of trees

the rough striking of a match

the clip-clop of clogs or wooden heels on tile floors

the swish and tumble of ocean waves meeting the shore

the lone call of a mockingbird in the middle of the night

the drone of a distant lawn mower, reminding me of childhood summers

the click-click of little parrot feet walking down the hallway

the plunking of a pebble as it hits the bottom of a well

the crunch of boots on packed snow


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Sex and the City

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!! This post contains information about the “Sex and the City” movie currently in theaters. If you haven’t seen the movie and want to, you may not want to read this post!!


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The other day a group of us gals went to see the new “Sex and the City” movie. I was a big fan of the HBO show and was looking forward to seeing the girls again. I must say I enjoyed the show; the setting of the movie was 5 years after the last tv episode ended. Being on the other side of 40 myself, I really got a kick out of the girls being portrayed as just at the brink of aging – Carrie is at the age where she needs glasses to read (a rite of passage for the middle-aged) but since she won’t get them, she holds reading material at arm’s length for focus. This made me laugh because I had a hairdresser who did the same thing because she “wasn’t ready” for glasses (probably the reason why my haircuts started to look bad).

Anyway, now that I am older and wiser, I have made some realizations about life in general. In the movie, Carrie and her long-time beau Mr. Big (played by the darkly gorgeous Chris Noth) make a joint decision to get married (no ring, no kneeling, just a spontaneous”decision”). Mr. Big, having been married twice before, is dismayed to discover that the simple wedding he had hoped for has spiraled into a huge New York City event; this causes him to start having doubts about getting married and escalates into fear of a third failed marriage. Eventually, on the wedding day, after Carrie arrives at the NY Public LIbrary (where the wedding is to be glamorously held – a library wedding sounds good to me!), Big calls her from his limo in front of the library (after unsuccessfully trying to reach Carrie all day), and tells her he just can’t go through with it, then starts to drive away. He changes his mind seconds later and as Carrie’s limo passes his on the street, he gets out to tell her he still wants to marry her – she however has spiraled into one hell of an angry hissy fit and hits him repeatedly with her bridal bouquet, led away by her loyal and ever-present girlfriends. Carrie becomes miserable, depressed, and suffers horribly for months after the humiliation she suffered.

Upon watching this, I reflected a bit on this situation. Yes, I understand this was just a movie. Movies need conflict and drama to be entertaining. But I know there are people in real life who have these very same problems and handle them the same way that Carrie and Big did. And it seems to me that all the unnecessary suffering resulting from this very-human event could be avoided if two things were attended to: communication and ego control.

It’s normal for people to get cold feet; not fun for the other person, but it happens. It’s part of being human. If the bride had had any compassion and understanding for the person she purports to “love”, than she should have been glad of the opportunity to hear him say he’d had cold feet, but was over it now and wanted to resume the wedding. But her perception was that the world revolved around her, so she was unable to open her heart to him, thus suffered months of pain as a result. Of course, they are reunited at the end and have their City Hall wedding and the world is once again a beautiful place. But how much time was wasted in the name of ego?

All I’m saying here is communicate with those you love and set your ego aside. Listen to others and don’t fall for the “victim” mentality. Don’t be a doormat, but use discernment before condemning the choices of others. Ego can cause so much heartbreak. Let it go. Listen and forgive and watch how much better your life becomes.


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Beautiful Laguna Beach

A few weeks ago my friends and I took a little drive to Laguna Beach for lunch. It was a hot, beautiful sunny California day and after a scrumptious lunch at Las Brisas, a restaurant overlooking the beach, we took a walk in the cliffs above the beach. Here is a video to inspire you to head for the water!


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In the service of…?

My nephew just signed up for the army. He’s almost 18 and I personally was in shock that a young person would join the service at this point in our history.

Why would someone with his whole life ahead of him join a combat-weary army?

I asked him why, and he explained that this was the only way he was going to be able to afford going to college one day. And also to be of service to his country.

But seeing the plight of veterans and returning soldiers, I can’t see how anyone can expect to receive any gains from this experience. I can only hope that he will be able to learn a skill in the army that will enable him to support himself in later life.

I am usually an optimist, but this situation has me turned around.


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Virtual Driving

My hubby Bill is a laid-back kind of guy. Sweet, gentle, polite, compassionate. A soft-spoken “giant” (Bill is 6’4″), he has a wonderful sense of humor and is a very loving person.

He undergoes a slight metamorphosis when he gets in a car.

Aside from yelling about bad drivers (very understandable), he has this habit of “virtual driving”. What I mean by that is that as I drive, I notice he’s driving as a passenger, too – moving his foot from place to place as he pushes down on his virtual brake. I only realized that he does this recently. It never bothered me before; I had a partner when I worked at Xerox who used to do this when we went to service calls.

He also tends to look around when I back up and make turns. For some reason, it annoys me. Maybe I feel like he doesn’t trust me, although I’ve never had a moving accident (I did hit a PARKED car once).

Bill if you are reading this, I love you very much. I’ll try to ignore your virtual driving.


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Do You Work Here?

Many times I find myself browsing through a store and people stop me and either ask me where something is located in the store, or if I work at the store. For the longest time I could not figure out why this was so – was I projecting a “Can I help you?” vibe, or some sort of welcoming aura?

The mystery was solved today. I was at Borders checking out some titles, and a lady asked me “do you work here?” I answered no but that I practically lived at the store so maybe I could help her anyway. Turns out I couldn’t as she was looking for a special book. Before she walked away she said “since you weren’t carrying a purse, I thought you worked here.” Voila!! That made perfect sense. I do, in fact, refuse to carry a purse, preferring instead to tuck a checkbook and credit card in my jeans pocket – I enjoy the “hands free” convenience and the absence of so much weight hanging off my shoulders keeps me from requiring more frequent chiropractic nudges. And I don’t have to dig for stuff I need…I used to hate that, rummaging around in a stupid handbag which had accumulated so much crap I didn’t need.

So happily I walk through life helping those in retail need and enjoying the use of both hands when a tactile check of merchandise is needed.


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