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They Call Me Kitty

On my Wordless Wednesday last week, I posted a picture of a tiger diving into a pool to retrieve a tasty food morsel. A comment by Candace reminded me of the “Cat Lady”.

The “Cat Lady”, whose real name is Jocelyn Wildenstein, a wealthy socialite, began at the age of 50 to have multiple plastic surgeries. It’s been reported that she’s had a chin implant, cheek implants, and eye surgery to make her look cat-like) at her request – not a surgical mishap). She’s also had lip collagen enhancement and an extremely tight face lift. What a shame…she looked so pretty before.

It saddens me that whatever trials this woman has had in her life, they have led her to this. Although, perhaps I should not judge – if she’s happy with the way she looks, it is not up to me to dictate what she should do with her life or her face.

When interviewed by about why she had so many plastic surgeries she said:

“Some women have surgery to slow the march of time, some decide to go under the knife to correct a perceived flaw and some decide to do it when their husband is threatening to not only leave them for a 21 year old Russian model, but cut off their financial support and the only way they can think to save the marriage is to turn themselves into a replica of his favourite jungle animal.

Postscript: A reader, Glenn Walker, commented below that is a satirical website. I did not know this when I wrote the post, and the site did not specifically say it was such a website (In hindsight, I suppose I should have guessed this, looking back at the flippant answers given in the “interview”). So even though the facts about Ms. Wildenstein as stated above were gleaned from different sites, the quote attributed to her is apparently not from Ms. Wildenstein. I apologize to my readers. These errors were not intentional, and were solely due to my ignorance of the satirical nature of the happywomanmagazine site. Thank you, Glenn, for pointing out the error.



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