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Cory Turns 4!

My favorite boy Cory turned 4 over the weekend. We all celebrated at a brewery restaurant called BJ’s (get your minds out of the gutter!). Pizza and pizookies were the order of the day. What’s a pizookie? A big, hot pan cookie right out of the oven with vanilla ice cream melted all over it.

Cory is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and his biggest dream was to get the Roundhouse, a toy that is kind of like a train garage for Thomas and his friends. Six of us chipped in to get it for him and he was totally silent after he unwrapped the package (which for talkative Cory means he was stunned when he saw what he got!) His grandmother Shirley says he’s been playing with it ever since!

We all think Cory will be a civil engineer when he grows up. He comes up with these elaborate train track layouts without any help from grownups. They always link together to form a smoothly closed path, which amazes me as there are so many different shaped tracks to put together.


Cory and me at his birthday party.

Cory’s unexpected vocabulary words and interesting phrases crack us up!! Here my hubby Bill is treated to the latest “Coryism”.



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Cory Gets a Haircut!

My favorite boy Cory (whom you may remember from my earlier post”An Old Soul“) got a haircut last week. Previously his mom Candace had been cutting his hair, so this was I believe his first barbershop haircut.

Candace said people were mistaking Cory for a girl. I must say, after this haircut, that will no longer be a problem. He is all boy!!



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Play Day

I haven’t posted about my boy Cory in awhile.

Yesterday I was invited to join my friends Candace and Shirley, and Cory, Candace’s son and Shirley’s grandson. It was my first time to Florence Joyner Playground. There’s a large statue of the Olympic runner standing at the entrance to the park. What a wonderful place! There’s this weird space-age material on the ground under all the play gyms that is soft and gives when you walk on it. A great place to land when you fall off a climbing toy!

This is actually a huge park. Only a small portion is seen here. Note the colorful spongy floor covering.

Cory climbs with help from Candace, and slides under Shirley’s watchful eye.


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Cory’s First Day of School

On Monday, Cory went to school for the first time. He’s a Montessori student now. This little guy could not wait to go to school, he’s very intelligent and needed the stimulation. As you can see on the photo below, he did not want to leave school either. His first day was a little difficult – he didn’t know the routine or the songs that the other kids knew by heart. But he will learn quick. We’re sure he’ll soon be teaching the other kids how to do things. He didn’t want to nap with the other kids – there were too many exciting things to do and learn!

Now his mother Candace and Grandma Shirley will get some much needed time to themselves during the day!


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Bowl Me Over…

Bill, Shirley, Candace, Cory and I went to Don Jose’s for brunch last weekend. Cory was in such a loving mood, he jumped on Bill and hugged him so joyfully, it was touching. Here are the two boys, Bill has a surprised look on his face because Cory unexpectedly bear-hugged him.


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Kids says the darndest things…

Cory and his mom

Cory’s mother Candace sent me this account of some political mischief that Cory was up to recently. I must admit I laughed heartily when I heard this even though I was blue all day.

How did this soon-to-be 3 year old put this all together with the right timing? I don’t know, but like I’ve said before, he’s an “old soul.” Remarkable. I think we should put him on the Fox News channel where he can stand up to all the conservative Republican fogy talking heads that constantly parade on the screen.

Wonder if Grandpa Dick has yet recovered from the scandal of having a liberal grandson?
Candace says:

Cory said “Impeach The President” (I saw a bumper sticker, repeated it and laughed pretty hard, which impressed Cory and he started chanting it). We were going to see Rick’s dad Grandpa Dick, and Cory had recently been running around hugging his big flower and chanting “Impeach the President”.We were thinking he might say it when we were at Grandpa Dick’s house (Dick is a staunch Republican, stands behind the President, et al), and I sarcastically said “Oh yeah, Grandpa Dick is going to love that!” and we had another good laugh. But Cory didn’t say it, and we forgot about it.

That was months ago I think.

So Sunday was Grandparent’s Day and I taught Cory to say “Happy Grandparent’s Day”, which he said beautifully to my mom and Rick’s mom. But then we got Grandpa Dick on the phone and we said “Hi, Cory has something he wants to say”, and Cory yelled “Impeach The President!!” – Rick burst out laughing and could not get it under control, so naturally Cory just yelled it louder, over and over again, no matter how we tried to get him to say “Happy Grandparents Day”…”


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Cory in Action

Cory is a blur of energy. He has discovered the joys of the indoor temperature-controlled Burger King jungle gym. Where else can you climb to new heights, make friends, and run around in your socks? You should have seen the bottom of his socks when he was done! It was hard getting a good shot of him because he was in contant motion! Via fiddling, I have not been able to figure out how to change the shutter speed on my little Casio camera. Apparently I will have to break out the owner’s manual and do some reading.

Another scorcher today. Nice to be in a cool place. It seems the computer room is the hottest room in my house. I guess the CPU is emitting lots of heat.

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