If Humans Disappeared Today…

They forgot to mention that cockroaches and Cher would still live on…

Drawing borrowed from Casual Slack.



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8 responses to “If Humans Disappeared Today…

  1. seb

    Sonja! Thanks for the message, just got it over at my blog. Wow, your condition must be very difficult. Please, if you would like to talk about anything, send me an e-mail over at sebreg@aol.com. I hope you are able to control your symptoms and pain to a large degree. I would love to exchange links, I’ve just started exploring your site and it seems very interesting, you also seem to enjoy exploring various topics! Don’t you love how we can connect to so many different people in the blogosphere, I started blogging a couple months back to alleviate my isolation (since hanging out with friends is so taxing on my energy levels) and also attempt to do something creative, I find that it gives me a lot of positive energy and helps me in trying to overcome my own condition. Do you feel the same way? Anyways, hope I’m not being too personal, we all deal with our situations in slightly different ways, and sometimes it’s difficult talking about these things, especially with strangers!


  2. Wow, how do you find it..

  3. Hey, that is a pretty cool graph. Thanks!

  4. Cockies cher and taxi’s 🙂

  5. The graph ultimately places man’s place in the scheme of things: nil. we have proved ourselves improvident and a shortsighted species. For the so many strikes against us (in terms of negative qualities) our tag Homo sapiens will be taken away.

  6. glorious

    How sad to think that humans may be the worst viral infestation ever.

  7. What a great picture of the baby!

  8. I love this graph – and the interesting questions it raises – and glorious has a point ………………….

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