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Time for Station Identification

It was reported in The Week newsmagazine that a new radio station in Hawaii is less than pleased with the call letters assigned to it by the Federal Communication Commission (or FCC).

The offending call letters are KUNT. The station manager reportedly has filed a request for new call letters.

Not to be outdone, we have a local music station here in L.A. whose call letters are KLIT…but no one seems to care about that. Apparently no one is offended at the proper name for a body part, only the slang ones.

Perhaps future broadcasting faux pas may consist of radio stations KOCK and KOME, or maybe a disc jockey named Connie Lingus.



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Lawn Chair Pilot

I have always wanted to fly. I guess my love of birds points to this. Many nights I have dreams of soaring among the mountain tops, light and free of my body, catching a current just like an eagle does. My biggest dream as a child was strapping a jet pack on my back and just taking off.

So when I saw this story, I responded with awe. Others I showed it to viewed it with the idea that the fellow is crazy, but I was simply impressed.

It turns out that 47-year-old Kent Couch strapped 105 helium balloons to a lawn chair a couple of Saturdays ago and took off from his home in Bend, Oregon. He drifted east for 9 hours, using bags of water as ballast. His family and pets followed him from below in a car. After he traveled 193 miles, he used a BB gun to pop the number of balloons needed to make a soft landing.

He climbed at about 800 feet per minute,  to a cruising altitude that averaged 11,000 feet (the mountain range seen here is The Three Sisters).

“When you’re lying in the grass on a summer day and you see the clouds, you wish you could jump on them,” he said. “This is as close as you can come.”

photo by Pete Erickson/The Bulletin


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Creative Security System

photo by

A jewelry store in Detroit, Michigan has “installed” a most unique security system. Scorpions!

As a temporary “attraction”, the store manager added scorpions to his jewelry cases. The customers apparently liked this touch so much (???) that the scorpions are now a permanent fixture.

Apparently the scorpions also deter theft. Although I don’t see why a determined criminal wouldn’t just wear thick gloves during the commission of the theft. I suppose the real deterrent is against the “casual” thief posing as a customer during regular business hours!!

It seems these cases would be the perfect environment for the scorps, as they have lots of bright light (to best show off the jewelry) and the items are displayed in platters of sand, silver, and turquoise within the case. Just like the desert!

Oh, the irony…something beautiful displayed with something scary.

There have been no robberies since the scorps were introduced…


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Most Wanted Poster

Remember in the “olden” days when post offices displayed the “Most Wanted Posters” of criminals at large? I suppose the State of California would have posted this guy if posting was still a custom…

I got this in the mail yesterday.


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Cat Declawing Outlawed

Cat declawing is now illegal in West Hollywood. An ordinance against it has been upheld by a state appeals court. Cat declawing was sited as a “cruel and unusual procedure”, and veterinarians in West Hollywood face possible criminal charges if they perform the surgery. West Hollywood is the only jurisdiction in California that has such a law – it’s a very interesting part of town with quite a diversity of extroverted people.

So the Cat Lady is safe there on so many levels.


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Wordless Wednesday (almost)


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