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Gloves are Better

photo by steeleman2004

My neighbor Bill likes to take his black Labrador Retriever Bear for a walk around the neighborhood every night.

On a particularly chilly evening a few months ago, we drove on the street past him while he was walking Bear. Being the good citizen that he is, Bill always cleans up after Bear by scooping up the poop in an inside-out plastic grocery bag, then turning in rightside-out before throwing it away. On this occasion, Bill had in his hand a plastic bag containing the dog poop that Bear had previously deposited on the ground. We stopped the car to say hello and teased him about the contents of the bag he was holding.

“How can you stand picking that up and holding it in your hands?” I asked. I’ve never had a dog and poop pickup is one reason why.

“Well, it makes a great handwarmer” said neighbor Bill.

**photo by reusablebags ********photos of Cinder by Steeleman2004********


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