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Accidental Photos

Every once in awhile after a photo-taking spree, I will find unexpected pictures on my camera. These photos occur while the camera is turned on between taking actual photos, and I’m either holding the camera idle, gesturing with my camera hand, but not intentionally taking a photo. I think my camera has a “trigger happy” release button! I was going to delete them, but I think they are interesting and rather surreal. I wish I had a few more to share, but I suspect I’ll have plenty more in the future!


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Motivational Posters

Here are your two motivational posters for the day. I hope they amuse and inspire you.

Thanks to fellow Brotogeris Sociey International member Moira Kelly for these posters of her canary wing broto Brody! 

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It’s a…

The answer to yesterday’s photo question is –

“It’s a CT scan, revealing the delicate structures of a human nose and face, as seen from the top of the head, down! The multicolored pockets are human paranasal sinuses – the air-filled spaces in your skull.

The image was captured by Kai-hung Fung of Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Hong Kong, the co-winner in the photography category of the 2007 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.”

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Mystery Photo

Can anyone figure out what this is??

I will post the answer on Saturday’s entry!


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Wordless Wednesday

photo by Marcia


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Have You Ever Seen…?

Do you know what the BACK of a peacock in full display looks like? Now you do!!!

photo by Rich Grinnell 


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(almost) Wordless Wednesday

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