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Tempus Fugit

My favorite aunt Margarethe is in town for a month. I think she’s going to check in to see what a “blog” is, so Auntie, this one’s for you!
To celebrate this, I have decided to post these little photos in her honor. The first is a photo of me and Margarethe in 1961. I was a few months old. She always played and with me and loved me like one of her own, although in this picture she didn’t have any kids yet, I let her practice on me.


This weekend past, we had a little family gathering. Here is me and my aunt




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Square One

I just got the new Tom Petty album Highway Companion.

There’s a song on it that I just love entitled Square One. It’s a beautiful song about hitting a certain age and realizing you’ve gained wisdom. It took a lot out of you, but you’ve learned to get back to “square one” and start over a different way. Here are the words:

Had to find some higher ground

Had some fear to get around

You can’t say what you don’t know

Later on, won’t work no more.

Last time though I hid my tracks

So well I could not get back

Yeah my way was hard to find

Can’t sell your soul for peace of mind

Square One, my slate is clear

Rest your head on me my dear

It took a world of trouble

It took a world of tears

It took a long time to get

Back here.

Try so hard to stand alone

Struggle to see past my nose

Always had more dogs than bones

I could never wear those clothes.

It’s a dark victory

You won and you also lost

Told us you were satisfied

But it never came across.

Square one, my slate is clear

Rest your head on me my dear

It took a world of trouble, took a

World of tears

Yeah it took a long time to get

Back here.

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Bowl Me Over…

Bill, Shirley, Candace, Cory and I went to Don Jose’s for brunch last weekend. Cory was in such a loving mood, he jumped on Bill and hugged him so joyfully, it was touching. Here are the two boys, Bill has a surprised look on his face because Cory unexpectedly bear-hugged him.


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This speaks for itself. Sheesh!


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Is it too soon for jokes?

Seen recently on


Why did Steve Irwin try to return the bottle of sunblock to the store?

Because it was supposed to protect against all harmful rays.


Humor heals. My apologies to anyone offended by this riddle.


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Hats off to the Spanish Fashionistas!

The city of Madrid, Spain has banned ultra skinny models from participating in this year’s Fashion Week events. Body mass index will be calculated for each entrant (based on height and weight), and anyone with a BMI of less than 18 will not be permitted to walk the runways.

“The restrictions could be quite a shock to the fashion world at the beginning, but I’m sure it’s important as far as health is concerned,” said Leonor Perez Pita, director of the show.

Of course, U.S. modeling agencies were unhappy about this as their anorexic models couldn’t get jobs in Madrid, claiming discrimination against the waifish models.

I say hooray for the Spaniards. Someone has got to take the first step to ending this unhealthy state of affairs in the modeling world. I saw promotional video for the Madrid events that shows the models EATING. On purpose. Wow!

The younger generations of women need this. Perhaps this can prevent future women from unsafe diets and unhealthy images of their bodies.

Hey – women are SUPPOSED to have curves!!!


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Is the Pope Catholic?

I just can’t believe how foolish the current Pope has been lately.
Stirring up unrest in the hornet’s nest is not the way to unite humanity. His inflammatory remarks about Islam may contain some truths, but one has to learn how to approach issues and people in a diplomatic and kind way to get them to work together toward peace.

Sorry to say he’s the wrong man for the job. As a woman of German descent, I feel that electing a German man from his particular generation is a mistake. Granted, it’s a generalization, but I think his recent remarks prove the point – with some exceptions, it’s a generation of people who are rigid, black and white, and sure of their opinions as being the right and only ones. I know this applies to any and all generations of all nationalities, but my own personal experience prompts me to write this.

As a matter of fact, the label “infallible” which is granted to the Pope illustrates exactly what I am trying to express – he’s right and everybody else is wrong. This is no way to get others to respect and commiserate with you. It only turns others against you and the people you “represent”. I can’t believe God is too happy about his “representative” right now.
Isn’t the Pope supposed to be an ambassador for Catholics, and by definition, Christians? I seem to remember lots of bloodshed in Holy Wars started by the Catholic Church…aren’t the Pope’s remarks the pot calling the kettle black?

Conclusion of the Day: Organized religion is the root of all evil. (notice I said “religion”, not “spirituality”.


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