Spiritual Nourishment

These pages offer images and meditations to provide you with a respite from a tough day. They will soothe you and help you relax. You can also use them “just because”. Even if you’re not stressed out, these pages can serve as a mini-journey from your regular world. You may perhaps find your mind opening to new ideas as well!

Taughannock Falls at Night – courtesy of npanth

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15 responses to “Spiritual Nourishment

  1. Mark Conway

    Nice pics

  2. Hi Sonja,
    I’m glad to meet you and your Reiki Spirit.
    Do you know this :
    I highly recommend it.
    Love, peace and happiness to you!!

  3. Krystyna,
    This is a radical idea as even Dr. Usui felt that some money exchange should take place, or the Reiki attunement would not seem to have proper value to others.

  4. Sonja, I like all pictures on this place, but specialy first – blue trees!
    It is amazing!!

  5. Hi Sonja,

    Lovely to meet you. I’m greatly impressed by your page. I can see you are a very creative & gifted individual. I’m honoured that you came by my page and said hi. It’s wonderful to meet another spiritual woman on the net. I must say i don’t often post comments to other people. However i was intrigued that you are a reiki level 2 & am facinated with healing at the moment. I’ll be sure to look at your posts often. Thankyou for your blogging & support 🙂 Much love & Light, Janey xx

  6. Thanks Janey! I liked your page too, that’s why I added you to my blogroll! I am honored that you chose to post a comment on my page!

    I too was intrigued by Reiki for a few years before I finally took the leap. I can honestly say it was one of the best things I ever did in my lifetime. It enhanced my spirituality and made me more open to concepts I had never thought of before. I use Reiki everyday to heal myself and send healing to others. I found a wonderful Reiki Master in my town who attuned me and taught me the Reiki concepts.

    If you decide to pursue Reiki, I would love to hear about how you progress in your journey!


  7. I can tell that this is not the first time you write about this topic. Why have you decided to write about it again?

  8. That was frightening when unprejudiced some wierd looking lady started to sing like an angel! Susan Boyle was a intrinsic knock someone for a loop for millions!! WOW!

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  10. Bersmeloeleby

    He put his eye to the hole. He just managed to spy some people sitting in deckchairs chanting, before a finger came out of nowhere and poked him in the eye. As he staggered back, the people started chanting, “Fourteen, fourteen, fourteen…”

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  12. I anticipation catastrophe hand down not affect you utter nice idea you possess booming on here! Absolutely enjoyed your portal thanks

  13. neerja

    nice pics leaving u cool and at peace mentally .

  14. A cool post there mate ! Cheers for it !

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