All Things Parrot

photo by Moira Kelly

Today is Parrot Day on my blog. I would like to share two bastions of parrotitude.

The above photo was sent to me by Moira Kelly. We are both on the Brotogeris group on Yahoo. Brotogeris is the species name of parrots we both adore. This is Brody checking out a cone. Birds are lactose intolerant, so while the rest of the family (a pet parrot’s “flock”) are munching on their dairy dessert, Brody gets to tear up a cone. A home without a bird is just not a home…my opinion, of course!!

Here is something my father sent me. It is a flower that grows in Thailand. And the name of the flower is…you guessed it…




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5 responses to “All Things Parrot

  1. Hi Sonja!
    Great, Great pictures! Great idea about “Parrot Day”.
    “Happy Parrot’s Day”.

    Best wishes to you!

  2. Great flower picture! Parrots galore. I really like taking pictures of the birds at Lollypop.
    Happy Parrot’s Day

  3. Happened to stop by here and enjoy reading your story. very insightful, refreshing. You’re a lady with good thoughts. I will be back soon.

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