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Hopping for Joy

Here is a video of a bird like mine having a hoppin’ good time. This is the way they like to cover distance; instead of running they hop like this. The first time I saw my bird Gizmo do this, I couldn’t stop laughing!





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Scrambled Eggs

My Black-Headed Caique  parrot Gizmo is sitting on eggs. This is the time of the season when her species (as well as many other birds) lay eggs, whether they are fertile or not.

Gizmo’s eggs are of course infertile. There is no boy caique around to add his two cents. But Gizmo doesn’t know that. She’s laid two clutches of eggs this year; she usually only lays one, then it’s over with. But this year she’s done it twice, much to our chagrin. I say this because a natural part of incubating eggs for her species is that as they sit on them, they screech loudly. For hours on end. It’s like having a broken alarm system.

For your pleasure and in the spirit of sharing, here is a brief video of Gizmo sitting on two infertile eggs and announcing to the world how proud she is. NOTE: Before viewing this video, let me reassure animal lovers that Gizmo is not ill, she is sitting at the bottom of her cage to sit on the eggs; the sounds she is making are normal and not in any way due to any sort of mistreatment. This is a healthy, natural noise although imagine listening to it over and over for two or three hours straight!!!


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