Cory’s First Day of School

On Monday, Cory went to school for the first time. He’s a Montessori student now. This little guy could not wait to go to school, he’s very intelligent and needed the stimulation. As you can see on the photo below, he did not want to leave school either. His first day was a little difficult – he didn’t know the routine or the songs that the other kids knew by heart. But he will learn quick. We’re sure he’ll soon be teaching the other kids how to do things. He didn’t want to nap with the other kids – there were too many exciting things to do and learn!

Now his mother Candace and Grandma Shirley will get some much needed time to themselves during the day!



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5 responses to “Cory’s First Day of School

  1. Reminds me of when I was younger, I didn’t want to leave at the end of the day too!

  2. Cool, so where’s he want to go to college? lol

  3. seb

    Haha, yeah, where is he going to college!!!! Happy thanksgiving Sonja!

  4. Candace aka Cory's Mom

    With 2 weeks under his belt, he is a pro at going to school. He begins a 5 day school week tomorrow, Nov 27. However, with his first days of school came his first kid-acquired cold. Happy Thanksgiving indeed. He was no longer infectious, apparently having given his cold to mom, dad and Grandma Shirley, so the rest of the family enjoyed him over the holiday. He has been an absolute doll, very sweet, funny and always the little gentleman. Nothing but praise and funny stories have been told to me about Thanksgiving day, which I missed because I was home in bed.

    I had the good fortune to see what happens at “nap time” at his school, and was gratified to see that he is actually pretty good, playing quietly on his own, and there are other kids that share his disinterest in sleeping. I suppose they are concerned that all the kids will refuse to sleep if they get a rebel amongst them – and Cory is definitely a rebel, but in a positive way, much like his parents were – and teachers should know by now that this is the age that naps disappear… No matter how much we adults wish otherwise.

    Cory’s behavior improved dramatically when school began, he has a direction for his natural curiosity, and kids to play with and talk to and burn off all that excess energy with. He also now has other authority figures that expect the same things that we do at home, so he is learning about the “laws of human behavior and respect for others” through multiple channels. He is maturing before our eyes, growing up so fast. What college you ask? My heart says ‘too soon, too soon!” but I know it will be here, tomorrow!
    If he continues on the track he is on, he may have the choice of any college he wants…

    But I am his mom, bragging rights and all…

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