Inexhaustible Interest in Life

I stepped back to take a look at my computer area this evening…I hadn’t seen the forest for the trees and I realized what a pigsty it is. Well, you know what they say, messy desk equals organized mind, or something along those lines.

Every piece of this clutter represents an item or idea that I want to know more about, or raw material for something I wish to create. Especially important is blog fodder (articles, photos, items that I want to share with others). It seems like blogging has taken over my life as I attempt to create a post every day. I haven’t had Writer’s Block yet, and this mess is part of the reason why. Here’s the clutter rundown for today:

  • New Yusuf CD (by the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens). Haven’t heard it yet, need to give it a spin in the CD drive while I write. I did hear the first song, it sounds almost like vintage Cat. I loved his old stuff, so soothing and spiritually refreshing, so I thought I’d give him a try, even though he’s embraced a totally different lifestyle now.
  • Brotogeris Society magazine – periodical about my favorite species of birds. Gobi is one of them.
  • Chewed up plastic bag – Sometimes I just get so frustrated with my computer that I keep this bag on hand instead of tearing out hair… (just kidding -that’s Gobi’s work!). Inside the bag is the sum total of all my cousin Ron’s family memories in loose photographs. Some of his old army photos have interesting stainage on them – I really, really hope it’s just beer or food residue and not some kind of biohazard. I promised to scan these photos (after rinsing them off) and create a CD slideshow for him for easy computer viewing. It’s tedious going, a lot of work. At this rate he will never get the photos back and will wonder where they went to…
  • HP printer cartridges – here’s a tip: never listen to the printer when it asks you to change the cartridge. Milk those puppies for all they’re worth. I use mine until I notice people with blue faces or an absence of black tones…in other words, the sci-fi look.
  • Creative Zen mp3 player – combine it with Napster and you’ve got a friggin’ universe of music at your disposal.

How I love learning! And I learn so much from you guys out there. Your blogs are another constant source of continuing education!!!



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7 responses to “Inexhaustible Interest in Life

  1. Thanks for stopping by and thanks much for the link! I’ve added you to my page as well =)

  2. seb

    Haha, Sonja, I’m the same way! I like that idea, a messy desk equals an organized mind!

  3. You are so right about the printer cartridges. I can go several weeks after it tells me I’m running out!

  4. You have a Creative Zen player too? Cool! Yay, Creative. Boo IPOD!

  5. I thought the album was a bit “la la praise the lord”
    But it was nice to hear anyway….I hope he does another coz it might be better 🙂

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  7. danette

    LOL – your desk looks similar to mine 😦

    I try to clean it up each Friday so that I don’t feel so depressed on Mondays, and I must say it definitely works!

    Such a cute bird – Indian Ringneck right? They’re really good pets – we have an African Gray, which can’t stand me :/ Apparently they only accept one owner, and that NOT me…

    The Indian Ringnecks are much more accommodating, and they actually have personalities! 😀

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