Quail Botanical Gardens

These photos were taken at Quail Botanical Gardens in picturesque Encinitas, California. I spent the day in that lovely city with my hubby Bill and our friend Marcia. It’s located just north of San Diego, right on the coast.

This place has plants from all over the world planted together in their respective biomes. In this photo, I am standing by very large stalks of bamboo. Have you ever tried to remove bamboo from the ground? It’s almost impossible to do by hand. And the stuff grows something like 1/4 – 1/2 inch a day (someone correct me if I’m wrong), so it’s a very hardy plant. Bamboo wood products are available that are very hard and sturdy (they make excellent floors) – plus the products are biologically sustainable because the stuff grows so fast, they can harvest the plants and have another batch ready to harvest soon after.

A little story about this photo is that on the day we were at the Gardens, there were actually monks there. Yes, Asian monks were strolling down the paths enjoying the views. So here are these monks, and they are walking by the giant bamboo, as well as other Asian plants, so it looks just like a setting in Asia – I wanted so badly to take a picture of these guys amidst that perfect background, but I was too shy to bother them. Hubby agreed we should leave them in peace. So I could have had a really wonderful foreign-looking shot, but at least my karma is intact!

Here I am in “Hawaii”, recreated beautifully by the Garden staff:

All in all, a cheap way to travel the world in a few hours!!



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2 responses to “Quail Botanical Gardens

  1. I really love the new header – all those cheeky birds!

  2. Looks like an amazing place. Might have to try it out next time I am in SoCal.

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