Gobi is HERE!

The eagle has landed. The Gobester is here. He’s sitting (and shitting) on my shoulder as I write this. He’s a darling little thing. I rub his face with my nose and he gets all fluffy. He said something today but I couldn’t make it out yet. Here is a picture from yesterday.

Bill and I drove north to Manhattan Beach to the breeder’s to pick Gobi up. We had so much fun – this woman Luana truly loves and cares for each bird. She doesn’t really do it for profit but for the love of the genus. These birds are difficult to get in the US since the ban on imported birds, so it’s up to breeders like Luana to keep the lines going here. Anyway, going to her house is like going to Bird Wonderland. We found when we walked through the front door that her house is like an airport for little green airplanes. We arrived during their exercise period and they gaily flew to and fro, chirping and whistling. They landed on our heads, on playpens installed high on the top of kitchen cabinets, on the leaves of a potted palm tree, and on the counter, where Luana had some food in syringes to hand-feed them (Gobi got his last hand-feeding then, now he’s only on “big bird” food). She showed us her breeding areas and you can not believe how deafening 30 some odd birds can be when they sense their space is being invaded! Ouch!

I got a certificate from Luana stating that the bird was checked for sex and is a male. I also discovered that the names of his parents are “Itsy” and “Bitsy”! His hatchday is June 1, 2006. You can bet that went up on the calendar right away, as birds’ birth ahem…hatchdays are celebrated in our home.
The four stooges…

This looks like the inspiration for Hitchcock’s movie The Birds …

Luana and her brood of babies. She is very knowledgeable and loves her charges dearly!

With the new baby comes lots of laundry. I need a little cape like Luana has on, otherwise I find myself changing my shirts several times a day!

Gobi already has several nicknames: “vegemite”, “07” (his band number), and “flibidip” (my translation of a chirp that he likes to vocalize), and “loose change” because we had lots of rolls of change that we cashed in to buy him!

Love is a new baby bird!



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8 responses to “Gobi is HERE!

  1. wow, cool pictures. congratulations on the new live in! He looks great. I hope vegemite is something he likes to eat, not a description of his personality 😉 How is he doing with the transition from tube to bird food?

  2. Hooray he is home with you at last …….. such a cutie.
    Fantastic pics!

  3. Gobi still bobs his head up and down like he wants to be hand-fed, so I feed him reconstituted monkey biscuits with a spoon. He seems to be getting away from that now. He’s vocalizing more, too, trying to say something, I can’t make it out yet.

  4. Candace

    I am amazed how in sync we are (I suddenly had a mental image of Cory as a baby getting his bath in the kitchen sink…). I once sang in a band in WA, we were called Loose Change (and though we were really good, that is about all we ever made on our gigs). How many people realize the amazing things one can do with all that loose change? I once paid my rent and deposit on an apartment with rolls of quarters, and Rick uses them to buy lunch (pennies if he gets a server with a bad attitude!). Gobi has me thinking Star Wars, Gobi-Wan with the universe?

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  8. Becky

    Aww, I used to have a Brotogeris 🙂
    Love the photos! They look so sweet and happy.

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