Pocket Change

What do you do with your pocket change?

OK, you just got some change back from the vending machine. You carelessly drop it into your pocket or throw it into your purse. You really don’t think about it much, it’s just loose change, right?

Well, consider again. At the end of each day before going to bed, my husband empties out his pants pockets before throwing his pants into the laundry hamper. We have a little blue piggy bank on a table in our bedroom, and each night Bill puts his change in the slot in the piggy’s back. Night after night, more change is added till the pig is full; then we head to the CVS Pharmacy and throw the entire pig’s worth of change into a counting machine. We get a little ticket to take to the cashier, who hands us the amount counted by the machine in actual bills of green.

Last time we did this, we got $172.00 and some change out of the deal. This enabled us to buy our little parrot, Gobi (as a matter of fact, one of Gobi’s many nicknames is “Loose Change”).

It is really a wise financial move to save your loose change. There are so many things you could do with the money: Buy a pet, fund your IRA, save for a rainy day, put in your glove box to pay for future tolls, make an extra mortgage or car payment, buy that new Eels CD you always wanted, etc.




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7 responses to “Pocket Change

  1. That is the coolest Piggy Bank!! I save my loose change too. Just love those counting machines, definitely beats having to roll them by hand and taking them to the bank.

  2. glorious

    We also collect our loose change. It really comes in handy when we are a little short or want something special. We have a can with a see thru side. Also a little jar that says “money to burn”. Ha ha.

  3. seb

    I really really need to do this!!! Haha, yeah that piggy bank is wonderful, I want to do a painting of it!

  4. Lyndon – yeah I gave up on hand rolling them long ago. Partly because I hate the way my hands smelled afterwards…
    Glorious – “money to burn” reminds me of a photo I once saw where a guy was lighting a cigarette with a $100 bill. Egads!
    Seb – yes, do paint it!!! I will post the painting on my blog!!!!

  5. I throw my loose change at pigeons. Stupid pigeons. I blame them for all the ills of society.

  6. Hey Fab, throwing money at the pigeons only encourages them…before you know it they’ll be using that war chest to run for Congress or President.

  7. seb

    Haha, we have a new creature to fear, the super wealthy pigeon force! Although, I probably would vote for a pigeon, probably not as corrupt as most politicians…

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