An Old Soul

This is my favorite boy. His name is Cory and he is only 2 1/2, but has the wisdom of one much older. This little boy never fails to amaze and amuse me.
When taken to a restaurant, this little guy goes from table to table and introduces himself to the other diners. He may take their hand, or not, and announce “Hi! I’m Cory. Nice to meet you”. Or he may comment about some aspect of their physicality like “You’re a big one” (which meant in this case a very tall man). Before his mom (my friend Candace) can scoop him up, he will sit at a table, put his elbows on the table, chin in hand, and start to converse with the people at the table. He gets 99% favorable reactions (except for the occasional grouch) because he is smart and friendly. At one point, he chatted up some elderly ladies at Starbucks. They asked him if he had a job. “Oh , yes”, he replied, “I’m a fireman”. When he was younger, he used to chat on his little play telephone: “Hello? Is anybody there? I’ve got toys.” Which he is always willing to share.

This little being has an enormous heart and there is no such thing as a stranger to him. He communicates with all souls at the required level. I love him so much.



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8 responses to “An Old Soul

  1. He looks like a smart kid, must be fun trying to keep up with him 😉

  2. Candace aka Cory's Mom

    npath’s comment has me smiling – it’s that obvious, is it? It isn’t easy to keep up with him, he’s very fast, but his mind is faster, and I am always moved by what he says, amazed at his thought processes, and grateful for the happy reactions he gets from others. We are fortunate to have friends who cherish who he is so much and his boundless energy that they do not mind the unfinished conversations and interrupted thoughts.
    I have a small group of people I would call true friends, and Cory’s girlfriend (in the photo with him), quickly took a prominent place in all our hearts and lives.
    The love and respect and awe reflected in her words for Cory are returned in kind by all of us! We love you dearest!

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