Here is another comedy gem from my blog buddy Shaymus. He’s a crackup and his blog makes me laugh when I’m blue!

Seb, put Rambo up to the screen…is he laughing??

With teeth like that, I say keep the dog as happy as possible…



Filed under Humor

4 responses to “Punchline!

  1. She looks terrified!! hehe it’s like the dog is telling a really bad joke and she’s pretending to get it.

  2. seb

    AHaahaha! I should, Rambo would love this! This has to be one of my all time favorite funny pictures. I can’t help but start laughing when I see this…

  3. My, what sharp teeth you have 😉
    My, what a nice new template you have 😉

  4. Its bigger here…makes the joke look funnier I think 😉

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