Star Wars Quiz Answers

Time’s up! Here are the answers to the Star Wars Quiz of Sunday August 6.

Congratulations to Thrawn, who was the official winner of the quiz!

****ANSWERS ****

1 On which planet did both Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker spend all or part of their childhoods? Tatooine

2 What event caused Anakin Skywalker to require wearing the life-support suit and mask we have become accustomed to as the “Darth Vader” outfit? (I don’t need to know complete details, just one word would actually suffice to describe what damaged him so badly). fire or lava

3 What event probably precipitated Anakin’s slide into the Dark Side? (There were several, name the very first and what his actions were).
When he killed an entire village of sand people in revenge for kidnapping his mother.

4 What was the Emperor’s given name? What was his Sith name?
Given name was Palpatine. Sith name was Darth Sidious.

5 What was the name of Princess Leia’s adoptive father?
Bail Organa

6 What planet can we assume Princess Leia was raised on?

7 Princess Amidala ruled which planet?

8 Who captured Shmi Skywalker?
Sand People (or Tuscan Raiders)

9 Who built C3PO?
Anakin Skywalker

10 Which character provided the original genetic material for the Stormtrooper clones? Jango Fett

11 What was the name of #10’s “son” (also a clone), and how does he relate to Han Solo? Boba Fett; he was the bounty hunter trying to capture Han Solo for the bounty offered by Jabba the Hutt.

12 What was the name of the planet where the clones were created? Kamino

13 What is the name of Han Solo’s ship? The Milennium Falcon

14 What is the name of the Cloud City where Lando Calrissian lives? Bespin

15 What is the occupation of the couple who adopted Luke Skywalker? What planet do they live on? Moisture farmers; Tatooine

16 What character was criticized as being a racist stereotype? Jar Jar Binks

17 Who was Obiwan Kenobi’s original Jedi Master (who taught him the ways of the Force)? Qiu Gon Jinn

18 Who was the first Jedi Knight killed by Anakin Skywalker? Mace Windu

19 Who was Luke and Leia’s mother? Senator Amidala (formerly Queen Amidala)

20 Who was Anakin Skywalker’s father? He has no biological father; the movie suggests that his conception was caused by the Force.

21 Which planet was the first Death Star orbiting before it was destroyed by the Rebels? Yavin

22 What was the name of young Anakin’s arch nemesis in the Pod Races?



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5 responses to “Star Wars Quiz Answers

  1. Technically, didn’t Sidious kill Mace. Anakin helped distract him, but Sidious dealt the final blow out the window, no?

  2. You know, Manuel, you’re the second person who mentioned this. When I think back on the film, I remember Sidious on the windowpane saying “I’m too weak” in that whiny fake voice, then Mace giving him a chance to give up. Then I thought Anakin finished Mace off, saying “What have I done?” over and over to himself.

    I guess I better watch the movie again…I must’ve missed something.

  3. I enjoyed looking through all this star wars trivia. I haven’t seen the newest movie… I’ve kind of lost passion for the series. I’ll see it on video, though

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