Goin’ Coconuts

It’s been awhile since I had a bird post. Two ladies from my bird club sent me these and they are too cute not to pass on. Both birds are Grey-cheeked parakeets, very hard to find. These two retire for the night inside their coconut huts, dreaming of ocean breezes and swaying palm trees.


Chip (owned by Kathy Johns), above and Sophy (owned by Ann Tetrault) below




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5 responses to “Goin’ Coconuts

  1. Maybe it’s just their beaks or something, but I could swear they look happy!

  2. glorious

    I dream of ocean breezes and swaying palm trees too.

  3. Fantastic pictures, and they both have one of my favorite toys ever: the sucker stick perch. Yea!

  4. They look like nice homes!

  5. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog, as well.

    Beautiful photos, I’m a real bird person. I started small with a rescued parakeet. The girl I knew who owned her had her in a precarious position where her cage was always knocked over, and she said she was going to let her fly free outside to ‘lose her’. (In Minnesota, wow, not brilliant.) I offered to take her and kept her happy until one day she died in my hands.

    I have also had a cockatiel and a senegal. I lost the senegal in a separation, and the poor cockatiel passed on when I lived in an old apartment that wasn’t good for her. I couldn’t let her out of her cage, the temps fluctuated wildly, etc. It was awful. I still feel sick that I had to live in that way with her.

    Anyhow, I now live with someone with cats who aren’t used to birds, so I’m going to wait a while before I get another… But I’ll be back in bird action soon! 🙂

    Thanks for your lovely bird photos, they are awesome. It feels good to see them!

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