Sounds Wonderful

I was laying down taking a nap this past weekend; as I lay there next to an open window with the sun drawing patterns on the walls, I could hear the sounds of my neighborhood drift in and out of the room. I realized how grateful I am for the gift of hearing (I do have a slight hearing loss in my right ear) and started making a mental list of all the sounds that I really love. I’m not trying to write a sentimental, corny post here, but I couldn’t help sharing this once I thought about it (although my list will be much gentler than that expressed by Elton John in Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – “a couple of the sounds that I really like are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike…”) :

the crisp unfolding of my parrots’ wings as they stretch after sleeping

the rustle of the wind through the leaves of trees

the rough striking of a match

the clip-clop of clogs or wooden heels on tile floors

the swish and tumble of ocean waves meeting the shore

the lone call of a mockingbird in the middle of the night

the drone of a distant lawn mower, reminding me of childhood summers

the click-click of little parrot feet walking down the hallway

the plunking of a pebble as it hits the bottom of a well

the crunch of boots on packed snow



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5 responses to “Sounds Wonderful

  1. That’s a really nice list. I’d probably add the sounds of young child laughing in delight!

  2. glorious

    Very nice. I think I’d add the sound of the screen door slamming on a summer morning. I also love the sound of a bouy in the early morning.

  3. All great sounds to be thankful for…

  4. Hi Sonja! In my experience, the importance of listening increases our awareness of existence and creation. As we become increasingly more sensitive to our surroundings, we seem to “tune in” to the frequency of higher vibrations emanating from the Universe. This gratitude increases our Abundance…Thank you for reminding me of this today! Namaste.

  5. ps. Love the photos of your birds too! They are gorgeous!!!

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