Dental Hy-jinks

My dentist Dr.G is very skilled. Due to a connective tissue disease and past jaw surgery, I can’t open my mouth as wide as “normal” people, so it takes a particularly skillful and experienced dentist to do the work correctly in the back of my mouth. Also, Dr.G doesn’t believe in mercury amalgam fillings because when he disposes of them, he legally needs to note them as “toxic waste” – he and I both believe that doesn’t belong in anyone’s mouth.

Another thing about Dr. G is his sense of humor. He told this little story that made me crack up, even though I had just had three numbing shots (I have an extra nerve on the left top gum area) and would rather have been somewhere else. He was nice enough to remove the drill before telling the story…

At one point, he had a dental assistant (the one who hands him the tools as he’s working) named Amy. I guess she was rather quiet, which with Dr. G is an invitation for teasing.

They were working on a patient and the patient asked for Vaseline to put in the corners of his mouth – it helps keep the lips from cracking I think. Anyway Amy plunged a cotton swab into the jar and came out with a big blob of Vaseline.

As she handed the blob to the patient, Dr. G remarked “Amy, that’s enough for a whole honeymoon.”

Amy blushed bright red.



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3 responses to “Dental Hy-jinks

  1. Lol. That was funny!

  2. glorious

    Funny but could be interpreted as sexual harassment.

  3. jackalope (Sonja) says:

    Randi – It really cracked me up sitting in the dentist chair with my mouth all numbed up..

    glorious – yes, you are absolutely right. For brevity of the piece, I didn’t mention that Dr. G. is very aware of his responsibilities in preventing sexual harassment and apparently knew that it wouldn’t offend his assistant on a sexual level. It turned out she had a ribald sense of humor as well.

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