Virtual Driving

My hubby Bill is a laid-back kind of guy. Sweet, gentle, polite, compassionate. A soft-spoken “giant” (Bill is 6’4″), he has a wonderful sense of humor and is a very loving person.

He undergoes a slight metamorphosis when he gets in a car.

Aside from yelling about bad drivers (very understandable), he has this habit of “virtual driving”. What I mean by that is that as I drive, I notice he’s driving as a passenger, too – moving his foot from place to place as he pushes down on his virtual brake. I only realized that he does this recently. It never bothered me before; I had a partner when I worked at Xerox who used to do this when we went to service calls.

He also tends to look around when I back up and make turns. For some reason, it annoys me. Maybe I feel like he doesn’t trust me, although I’ve never had a moving accident (I did hit a PARKED car once).

Bill if you are reading this, I love you very much. I’ll try to ignore your virtual driving.



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5 responses to “Virtual Driving

  1. He has Phantom foot. Many are guilty of it. I do it and I 100% trust my wife when she drives.

  2. I never had a problem with other drivers, never, no matter their ability ~ I did not even flinch when my best friend did his best to scare me once. But all that changed after my car accident where I discovered that accidents are caused by the other driver, not the one in MY car…

    So while my husband truly and vocally resents my “back seat driving ~ from the front seat” I can no more stop it than I can stop breathing because it has become instinctual. Whether Bill does this on a conscious level or not, it may not be something he can control, but I am certain he would never want to hurt or annoy you. His love and respect for you is obvious to anyone who has ever spent any time with the two of you.

  3. Sonja aka jackalope says:

    Manuel, I like that term “phantom foot” – quite descriptive!

    Candace, thanks for the kind words about Bill. He is a good guy, if virtual driving is all I can complain about, I’m very lucky!!

  4. Sonja says:
    Oh yeah, I did have one moving accident. I hit the back of a Camry on the freeway. Bill was not in the car at the time so that doesn’t count!!

  5. That was you?
    Just kidding….
    My Camry is accident free (unless you count the damage done to it by the mechanic that damaged it when I took it in for an oil change, which my insurance charged as a collision so they could charge me the higher deductible… Don’t get me started, oops, too late).

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