Do You Work Here?

Many times I find myself browsing through a store and people stop me and either ask me where something is located in the store, or if I work at the store. For the longest time I could not figure out why this was so – was I projecting a “Can I help you?” vibe, or some sort of welcoming aura?

The mystery was solved today. I was at Borders checking out some titles, and a lady asked me “do you work here?” I answered no but that I practically lived at the store so maybe I could help her anyway. Turns out I couldn’t as she was looking for a special book. Before she walked away she said “since you weren’t carrying a purse, I thought you worked here.” Voila!! That made perfect sense. I do, in fact, refuse to carry a purse, preferring instead to tuck a checkbook and credit card in my jeans pocket – I enjoy the “hands free” convenience and the absence of so much weight hanging off my shoulders keeps me from requiring more frequent chiropractic nudges. And I don’t have to dig for stuff I need…I used to hate that, rummaging around in a stupid handbag which had accumulated so much crap I didn’t need.

So happily I walk through life helping those in retail need and enjoying the use of both hands when a tactile check of merchandise is needed.



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5 responses to “Do You Work Here?

  1. So basically what you’re telling me is, if I want people to stop asking if I work in a particular store; I need to carry a purse?

    I’m willing to try anything once, but I expect my dad to start looking at me kind of funny 😉

  2. Unfortunately Lyndon, that is true. My cousin moved here from Germany many years ago, but still carries the European “man purse”, and nobody ever asks him for help…

  3. glorious

    Glad to see you back. 🙂
    I get asked that all the time. I must have a knowledge of the store look to me.
    I carry a purse. Big and full of everything I or someone else may need. Yes, it’s heavy and uncomfortable. I think about giving it up but can’t. It’s like a blankie. Smiles.

  4. Welcome back. Maybe I need to start carrying a purse so people stop bugging me!

  5. Hey you guys! Thanks for not abandoning me in my blogging blackout!! It’s great to be back (although I’ll probably wink out now and again)…

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