Ronaldo’s Question

I got recruited by Xerox Corporation to be a Technical Representative while I was attending college (a Technical Representative is the person who comes to your office and repairs your Xerox copier). Each hiree for technical employment was required to attend Xerox training in Leesburg,Virginia. There was a huge campus there where people from all over the world trained for their future roles at Xerox.

My boyfriend Rich got a job at Xerox about 6 months before I did. While he was at Xerox training in Leesburg, he met a Brazilian fellow who was training on the same model copier and was in his class. This young man’s name was Ronaldo and he was a hilarious character. Ronaldo had a fiancee back at home, but this didn’t stop him from looking at the other female attendees (as far as I know, he never touched, only looked). His accented Portugese-accented English was truly endearing and he had these brown puppy dog eyes that would bring out the mother in you. He was (and probably still is, I haven’t heard from him in over 20 years) a huge flirt.

Anyway, there is an oldie from the 80s I hear on the radio from time to time by Patrick Hernandez called “Born to be Alive”. Unfailingly when I hear this song I am reminded of old fun times, Xerox school, my old boyfriend (and still good friend) Rich, and also Ronaldo. The reason for this is that when Ronaldo first heard this song, he said to Rich “Reech – why ees thees song called ‘Bored to be Alive’? I’ma never bored with life.'”

I guess you had to be there.



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3 responses to “Ronaldo’s Question

  1. I think thats the song that Madonna sang backing vocals on. Her big break!
    I remember the film clip with the guy dancing sorta down the street with a cane…

  2. It’s good that you are never bored with life. “Bored” is one of my least favorite words. I can’t imagine choosing to be bored.

  3. Rock songs really lend themselves to not clearly hearing or understanding lyrics. When I was a young boy. About 7 or so the Karen Carpenter song when she sang how the Angels got together and decided to create a dream come true. Well.. I thought they were talking about the baseball team.
    I’ve been making similar mistakes ever since. More often due to hard to hear or understand lyrics. I’ve always been more about the music.

    Rock the catbox

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