California Dreamin’ on such a Winter’s day

Everybody pretty much thinks that we have no winter in Southern California. That’s not exactly true. This time of the year the mercury ranges from high 40s F to low 60s F. Before you people back east start laughing out loud, remember that “cold” is a relative term. I lived in the New York City area as a child, and I know what a frigid winter feels like. However, now that I am accustomed to warmer weather, 40 degrees is very cold to me now. Some Southern Californians are in denial – they persist in wearing shorts and sandals, then stand around freezing pretending they are warm. Brrrrr! Add wind and rain and you get very low wind chill factors sometimes..

Anyway, here is a little portrait of winter in my neighborhood. This is my next-door neighbor’s birch tree. There are always crows at her house; today was no exception. Doesn’t it look rather chilly?



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3 responses to “California Dreamin’ on such a Winter’s day

  1. Shirley


    That is a gorgeous picture you took. You certainly do have an artist’s eye.

    I loved your writing on the subject too.

  2. Yeah, people think because we live in CA, we are 80 degrees all year long. If they only knew…

  3. I like your picture, too. I’m tempted to say something about thin-blooded Californians, but I’d probably feel the cold, too. 😉

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