Spotlight on Our Aching Heads

Last year I wrote a post called “How Many Politicians Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb”, in which I complain about the pending possible legislation requiring Americans to buy only flourescent lights for their homes, with a phaseout of the incandescent bulbs. I am a migraine sufferer and have maintained for years that flourescent lighting helps cause migraine headaches.

Well, the good news is I was right. It was reported on the news this evening that a British research team has found my claim to be true (no big surprise to other migraine sufferers, I’m sure). Flourescent lighting does indeed aggravate these headaches. The news report also said that this light was found to cause some epileptics to have seizures. So we should be able to choose which lighting we use in our homes, right?

Wrong says the government. The bad news is that Congress just announced a phaseout of incandescent bulbs to be complete by the year 2012. That’s right. Incandescent bulbs will be ILLEGAL in the U.S. in the interests of saving energy.

Sure flourecents save energy. They also contain mercury and must be disposed of as toxic waste. What if you drop one and it breaks in your house…should you worry about mercury poisoning from the little drops of mercury that you missed after the cleanup…will the baby encounter the quicksilver as she crawls around on the floor? And anyone who has EVER had a migraine knows that they want to make their homes as healthy as possible to avoid getting one of these debilitating headaches.

If you want to use flourescent bulbs in your home you should. However I don’t. And I have no freedom of choice in the matter.



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2 responses to “Spotlight on Our Aching Heads

  1. You know, if the government were all that interested in saving energy, every car would be running on an alternative fuel by now.

    Maybe things will change with a Demo in office, but I highly doubt it.

  2. Go LED, totally! It’s a different way of lighting. the light points are smaller, so you have to have more of them. They’re made in clusters to fit into light bulb sockets, but you can string them out, put them in series, all kinds of things. Each bulb outputs fewer lumens than a comparable fluorescent or incandescent. that just means you have to buy more lamps 😉 Can we still use high density discharge bulbs like Halogen after 2012?

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