End of the Holidays Syndrome

As usual this time of the year, the used-up Christmas trees were sitting by the side of the road waiting for the trash guy to pick them up. It always makes me sad to think of these lovely, vibrant trees cut down, used and discarded. Yes I know they are grown specifically for this use, but I still find it so typical of our disposable society. I have an artificial tree, and while it doesn’t smell as nice it certainly looks good and brings an almost-equivalent amount of cheer to the house. The cheer comes from inside us anyway. The “tree” is just an add on.

Also I noticed today that many people were kind of sad or grumpy today. I was a victim of road rage when I accidentally changed lanes too close to someone on the freeway (really, it was done accidentally and did not merit the extreme cutoff and near accident that I got in return).  A lady at the Great Indoors where I had to make a return today was rather uptight and had no smile to give. The people at Mother’s Market, who are usually quite happy (they seem to like their jobs on other days) were tense and solemn today. I chalk this up to the long buildup to Christmas and the sudden withdrawal of the holidays. Returning to work after just a weekend off is hard enough – going back after some days off (unless you’re in retail where you work just about all the time) is even rougher.

Or maybe all these people have hangovers.

Anyway, I am very sensitive to the moods of people, and I just try to smile and hope some cheer will rub off on them. This works a remarkable amount of the time, but alas, not today.



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4 responses to “End of the Holidays Syndrome

  1. If it makes you feel any better, your post did bring a smile to my face. All the best for 2008 Sonja!!

  2. Sometimes it won’t work because face it, some people are just jerks… What are you going to do?

  3. People do seem to be happier at xmas. I guess we get used to all the good vibes then all of a sudden its back to business as usual. There is a lot of rude people about. I try not to take them on board.

  4. In Thailand, after the fun Countdown and New Year Celebration, now we are in the sadness as our beloved princess (the King’s sister) passed away on Jan2’08! All country are in black-white for her.

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