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Love in the Palm of Your Hand

This sweet grey cheek parakeet is Forest, owned by Mike Dini. I had a grey cheek like this (his name was Peeper) for 20 years and he was snuggly like this, too. When my husband BillĀ  and I were dating back in the 80’s (ancient times), he lent me the money to buy Peeper – that green little ball of fluff was an integral part of our courtship, marriage, and day-to-day life. When he died it was like a piece of our history fell away. We miss him like crazy, and hope to get another grey cheek some day (as you grey cheek enthusiasts may know, these little birds are extremely hard to come by).

These little birds are so affectionate. They quickly rule your heart! They are soft, fluffy, and warm in your hand; also they love to snuggle under clothing and blankets.

Forest overseeing the computer room.


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