Here are some pictures I took while I was driving (carefully) today. Anysmudges are from my car window, but I think you’ll get the truth of the photos anyway.

Photos of the Santiago Fire, about 8 miles from my house. My friend Alice lives in Modjeska Canyon which is at the heart of the fire. She has been evacuated as well as her 25 animals (horses, donkey, and sheep).

Below: Eerie sunshine in my neighborhood.



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5 responses to “Smoke

  1. Les

    makes me want to cough just looking at it….

    Hey!! The parcel came….I havent opened it yet….its Very exciting!!

  2. Glad that you are OK – hope your friend and her livestock have something to go back to.

    Thinking of you X

  3. That’s crazy! I’m glad you escaped relatively unscathed.

  4. How scary to be just 8 miles from the flames!

    The eerie sunshine photo is eerily beautiful!

  5. Cool pictures, but crappy reason that you get to have those cool pics. Stay safe…

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