California Burnin’

Associated Press photo / Denis Puroy

It’s true, where there’s smoke, there’s fire and smoke DOES get in your eyes.

We sat indoors all day with all the windows tightly shut so the horrible ash and smoke of California on fire could not get into our house. People with lung problems are hurting.

Our house is about 8 miles from the nearest fire and when the wind blows our way we get the full impact of fire by-products. The skies are an eerie shade that I can’t even describe, kind of between a vanilla and a peach. The Santa Ana winds are blowing steadily; I just heard our rolling garbage bins blow over in the night (I believe at their worst today they were blowing at 60 to 80 mph according to what I heard on tv). Plus it was 87 degrees today, humidity in the low teens. The fire trifecta. Add a smidgen of sociopaths and you get purposely-lit fires that kill people and destroy property.

Some of the fires were a result of power lines blown down by the high-velocity winds.

It was reported that there were at least 14 fires burning in 7 California counties today.

People from all walks of life, including the likes of Mel Gibson, Kelsey Grammer and Victoria Principal were among the people forced to evacuate their homes.

My heart goes out to all the people and animals who have lost their homes and to the firefighters who risk everything to quench the flames; to the people sickened by the air they breathe, and to the volunteers who help ease the misfortune of strangers. I will pray for them all tonight.



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8 responses to “California Burnin’

  1. Les

    terrible!! any chance of rain?

  2. Amy

    I hope you and your family are safe. I have many friends in the CA area and am worrying about them with this horrible fire.

  3. I have been watching this from afar …… and hoping that you and yours are safe and sound. 8 miles – seems a little too close for comfort for me.

    Keep safe

  4. My prayers are with you and your birdies! Take care and get out of there if things get closer!

  5. Am thinking of you too. Very best wishes.

  6. Hoping that you and your family remain untouched by the devastation!

  7. Keep safe Sonja!! I hope everything works out and the situation gets under control soon.

  8. Just checking in to see how you are …… after reading all the evacuation stories on the BBC.

    Thinking of you and yours X

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