See no evil…

I “witnessed” something yesterday that really gave me pause.

I was coming out of my chiropractor’s office. I heard the sound of small dogs coming from the business condos across the street, complaining about something. I figured it was someone taking their little dogs for a walk, and indeed I saw a man passing by on the sidewalk. However, once he cleared some parked cars I saw that he was not toting dogs on a leash.

The sound got louder; then, the dogs started crying and yipping. Partially concealed by bushes, I see a large man jumping up and down and swinging his arms around, exactly like someone would do if they were kicking dogs. A million things started going through my mind in a nanosecond…this guy is abusing these animals, what should I do, if I yell at him he may come after me… etc, etc. My legs started to get that strange light feeling and I knew adrenaline was starting to pump in, the fight-or-flight response human beings have evolved with.

At the very instant I am about to open my mouth to yell “Hey!”, I see a woman emerge from behind the concealed area of the bushes (I remember she reminded me of Dana Delany, the actress currently on the show “Desperate Housewives”). Anyway, she was walking away from the “crime scene” holding two leashes with two little dogs on them and she was smiling broadly. She led the dogs up a flight of stairs and their little tails were wagging merrily.

It was then that I realized that the woman, who apparently worked at the office condos, had been walking the two dogs when the large man (who I now believe works for the ambulance service located in the condos) became entangled in the leashes, causing him to flail his arms and jump around trying to regain his balance. The dogs reacted to this fuss by crying and making generally nervous noises.

So…I saw that there was nothing cruel or illegal going on, just an everyday comical occurence. It made me remember the old adage I learned as a child – “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” It made me think of all the eyewitnesses in police stations who thought they had seen crimes committed or made identifications when actually they were mistaken. Human mind and memory, while awesome, are not infallible. This is obvious, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded.



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5 responses to “See no evil…

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  2. vandamonium

    Great story, good moral. Thanks for the grin.

  3. The guys lucky he doesn’t live on my street, the neighbors often react without thinking or getting the full story.

    Thanks for sharing your story, now only if I knew my neighbors email address, I’d send them a link to your post 🙂

  4. A very valuable lesson ……..

  5. Yeah. There is a saying in Tamil (my mother tongue) which translates into something like this: What you see and what you hear is a lie. Only what is revealed by thorough investigation is truth.


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