Cory Turns 4!

My favorite boy Cory turned 4 over the weekend. We all celebrated at a brewery restaurant called BJ’s (get your minds out of the gutter!). Pizza and pizookies were the order of the day. What’s a pizookie? A big, hot pan cookie right out of the oven with vanilla ice cream melted all over it.

Cory is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and his biggest dream was to get the Roundhouse, a toy that is kind of like a train garage for Thomas and his friends. Six of us chipped in to get it for him and he was totally silent after he unwrapped the package (which for talkative Cory means he was stunned when he saw what he got!) His grandmother Shirley says he’s been playing with it ever since!

We all think Cory will be a civil engineer when he grows up. He comes up with these elaborate train track layouts without any help from grownups. They always link together to form a smoothly closed path, which amazes me as there are so many different shaped tracks to put together.


Cory and me at his birthday party.

Cory’s unexpected vocabulary words and interesting phrases crack us up!! Here my hubby Bill is treated to the latest “Coryism”.



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4 responses to “Cory Turns 4!

  1. Les

    hey, kids are smart arent they… I was talking to a women that could only speak spanish….and her grandson about that age was translating the conversation into english….we spoke for about 5 mins while the kid stood inbetween us on his pretend horse with 2 wheels on the back speaking to me in english and her in spanish…..then when we had finished we thanked him and he said OK……blew a raspberry and rode off……me and the woman laughed

  2. Shirley

    Kids truly are amazing, some more than others. I know my grandson keeps us entertained and in awe every day.

  3. He always finds ways to get out of going to bed, now he’s tucking the trains in at night in the Roundhouse, placing them inside and saying goodnight. He’s a good daddy, he gets up several times a night to check on them to be sure they are not getting out of bed… hmm, sounds familiar… Time to move the Roundhouse back to his room and closer to his bed…

    He also got a Guitar. Yesterday he handed it to me with his harmonica in hand, and said “Let’s Jam!” and we rocked the house!

    He had two birthday parties, though due to our hectic schedules there almost were none. Our families are scattered about a bit – His Sister and her husband (Cory’s Godparents) very graciously offered to throw a party, we thought sure, a cake & ice cream party would be nice… Yeah Right! They have raised the bar so high that we can only limbo under it… But we are happy to do so, because Cory had the time of his young life! Imagine his delight when Tigger himself Bounced in to Celebrate Cory’s birthday!

    The party the next day was so that Cory would get to celebrate his birthday with my family and freinds too. I had told him in advance that he would get his own Pizzookie, so you can imagine the look on his face when the waiter accidently put the Pizzookie meant to serve the rest of the party (14 people), with about a half gallon of ice cream on top of it, in front of Cory and he exclaimed “Oh WOW” and it was all I could do to hang onto him as he attempted to lunge from my lap face first into the middle of it!

    Yeah, I’d have to say, this is a Birthday he won’t soon forget… Nor will any of us!

  4. Aren’t Pizookies the best!?! I love the Oreo one.

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