Immobile Home

Just a mile south of Universal Studios, on the northbound side of the 101 (Hollywood Freeway) sits a house. Yes, I said on the freeway. Not next to it, not near it, ON it (in the right lane, to be exact).

Nine days ago homeowner Patrick Richardson and his fiancee Kimberly Bigman were attempting to move the house from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita when they discovered that the top of the house would not clear a freeway overpass. The roof was shredded and there was damage to the trailer carrying the house. Since that day, the structure has been sitting on the freeway attracting the attention of rubberneckers and graffiti artists, a definite safety hazard.

Inspection of the interior reveals squatters had already inhabited the wrecked house; trash and crude furniture were found inside.

Richardson had been given a deadline of midnight last night to move the house, which at this time he has not been able to meet. Caltrans says the house WILL be moved today, either with a last minute save by Richardson or by CalTrans with a CHP escort. If the latter happens, Richardson and Bigman will be responsible for reimbursing Caltrans to the tune of approximately $20,000.

I can’t help but feel bad for these people. I heard on some news broadcast that they had a permit to take a different route, but due to a road closure, had to take a detour, which led to the tragic meeting of roof and overpass. Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing (shouldn’t Caltrans have known their work schedule?)

The owners were relocating the house to Santa Clarita to establish it as a shelter for the homeless.

first photo by KNBC ; second by LA



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6 responses to “Immobile Home

  1. On 9/14, a friend in LA wrote me: “Did you see the house on the Hollywood freeway… I drove past it this morning and called Bob (a photographer friend). He just could not understand how a house could be on the freeway. He almost got arrested taking a picture of it. I told him Do not get out of your car. So he stopped and got out. CHP saw him cross an active traffic lane to get a better shot. Bob pleaded that his motor shut off, the alarm system had failed, bobs friend in the car gave the CHP the same answer, thankfully… ” Not long after this email I received a photo because I replied with a “what the heck are you talking about, was there a landslide or something?” because I never get to watch the news with a kid in the house & you never know when GWB might come on, and I work too hard to teach my son not to lie only to have that yahoo undo all my hard work!

    But I digress… Bob, got a great and I cannot see if there is a way to post it here, so I will email it to you and if you want you can put it up. It’s pretty cool!

    But it bites that the powers that be have found a way to screw these people every which way for trying to do something good when it was the gov’t that messed it all up in the first place (raise your hand if you are surprised…).

  2. What a shame. One would think they could have seen this coming, ugh.

  3. You need to have a lock on your site that bars me from posting after midnight… sorry…

  4. Wow, I hadn’t heard about this. That is a major bummer for them!

  5. What a story! I hadn’t heard they were moving it to use for the homeless!

  6. I guess it’s kind of ironic that homeless people have been living in the house. I hope they avoid the Caltran bill and get the house to Santa Clarita

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