Time for Station Identification

It was reported in The Week newsmagazine that a new radio station in Hawaii is less than pleased with the call letters assigned to it by the Federal Communication Commission (or FCC).

The offending call letters are KUNT. The station manager reportedly has filed a request for new call letters.

Not to be outdone, we have a local music station here in L.A. whose call letters are KLIT…but no one seems to care about that. Apparently no one is offended at the proper name for a body part, only the slang ones.

Perhaps future broadcasting faux pas may consist of radio stations KOCK and KOME, or maybe a disc jockey named Connie Lingus.



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4 responses to “Time for Station Identification

  1. I think I just found my new favorite radio stations…

  2. Touché!
    It was rumored that the men who ran the trucks that emptied the toilets at the Renaissance faire were named Ben Dover and Pat McCrack… Perhaps they’d like to work at the new radio station?

  3. Les

    I went back to my original blog……I guess I need to touch the earth

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