Triplet Meme

I saw this over at Lyndon’s blog Lifeslackers and decided to give it a go.

3 Things that scare me

1. George W. Bush
2. Clowns
3. The restroom at Barnes & Noble

3 People who make me laugh

1. My husband Bill

2. George W. Bush
3. Bill Maher

3 Things I love

1. God
2. Hubby

3. Gizmo and Gobi

3 Things I hate

1. Classic literature

2. Arrogant people
3. the Republican party (at least the way it is at the moment)

3 Things I don’t understand

1. War
2. Corporate behavior

3. George W. Bush (especially when he speaks)

3 Things on my desk

1. eyeglasses
2. bank statements
3.ideas for blog topics

3 Things I’m doing right now

1. Writing this post
2. Wondering when will come back online
3. Considering a bid on an EBay item I just saw

3 Things I want to do before I die

1. Go to Australia
2. Swim and interact with dolphins

3. Fly with a jet pack

3 Things I can do

1. Take relatively good photographs

2. Cook nutritiously

3. Multi-Task

3 Things I can’t do

1. bend my fingers all the way or straighten them all the way

2. kneel
3. create a green lawn

3 Things I think you should listen to

1. Your gut
2. The Decemberists
3. incoming surf

3 Things you should never listen to

1. George W. Bush

2. Religious fundamentalists or fanatics of any ilk

3. Top 40 radio
3 Shows I watched as a kid

1. Lost in Space (my ultra favorite!!)
2. Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smith

3. Stingray



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6 responses to “Triplet Meme

  1. Very nice list Sonja.

    Loved the original “Lost In Space” as well. Too bad they had to screw it up, when they remade it, into a movie.

    Honestly, how could they make Dr. Smith a villain!

    Quick question, Stingray, was that the show they used marionettes for or was it a detective series?

  2. Les

    Hey a jet pack would be fun

  3. Sonja says:
    Lyndon – yeah, Stingray had the marionettes! I remember all the guy puppets had clefts in their chins. They were supposed to be handsome. Hilarious. You’re right about the Lost in Space movie – it was really bad and William Hurt was very wooden as the father Robinson.

    Les – Ever since I saw the jet pack on Lost in Space I wanted to try it!

  4. The restroom at Barnes and Nobles? Explain….

  5. Sonja says:

    I have found a correlation between bookstores and filthy bathrooms. I don’t if it’s because the employees don’t patrol and replenish the restrooms, or that a lot of kids go in there and make a mess as a vandalism thing. I have seen poo smeared on the sides of stalls, blood (the womanly kind) on toilet seats, mirrors smeared with all the liquid soap in the dispenser so there is none left, and paper towels and toilet paper strewn all over the floors. I think the restrooms in the subway and LAX are in better condition than the ones I’ve seen in B&Ns (or Borders for that matter)!

  6. Someone at B&N needs to be educated that they should hire a janitor to keep this up because their staff thinks they are too intellectual for that menial job? It is also possible that while gas stations & doctors lock their bathrooms (hence the Humongous keychains even idiots wouldn’t steal) perhaps the people that would abuse those bathrooms have discovered that B&N has no such security on theirs. It is the lowest level of humanity that does not respect what is so freely given to them, eh? Sad…

    Sonja, what gives, any 3 year old would understand the redundant distaste for GWB (especially after so many years of having him force fed to us like liver and onions, night after night! Enough already… sorry, I think I was having a bad dream). But your dislike of the Classic Literature completely baffles me. Why you no like Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, and Aldous Huxley? Some of the most amazing writing, the deepest and most honest thoughts and poetry came from these minds! Please, you MUST explain! I am confused!!!

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