Weekly World News Calls It Quits

The Weekly World News, a tabloid newspaper of the worst order, will call it quits on August 27 when its last issue comes out. Self-proclaimed as “The World’s Only Reliable Newspaper”, this tabloid brought us oddities such as the infamous “Bat Boy“; headlines included “Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby” and “Garden of Eden Found – Original Apple Recovered”.

The tabloid, which originated in 1979, was printed entirely in black and white.

For those who just can’t be without their weirdness fix, the “newspaper” will continue online according to Wikipedia. It was also pointed out that the future EBay potential of this last issue is promising – allegedly this issue will be worth a lot more in the future than the newstand price today.

Here are a few more “headlines” to consider: (items in paratheses are my wisecracks)

“Grossed-out Surgeon Throws Up Inside Patient” (and I forgot my spoon)

“12 Members of Congress Are Space Aliens” (now THIS ONE I could believe…)

“Amelia Earhart’s Barf Bag Found in South Pacific” (how can we know for sure that it’s not Lindbergh’s barf bag?)



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4 responses to “Weekly World News Calls It Quits

  1. shaymus

    Its a sad day for journalism

  2. Andrew

    I forget – was this the one that published the morgue photo of Timothy McVeigh a day after he received a stay of execution? My mother maintained she once saw an actual, true story in one of these – she knew personally the subject of the sad, crazy but honest-Abe true story.

  3. When I found this out a few weeks ago, I was so sad. It was always fun to look over in line.

  4. Guess we will all have to look for our real news somewhere else now, like Mad TV or the Daily Show…

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