Birthday Season

Today is my birthday! Can anyone guess by my photos how old I am? Hint: Over the hill, but not old as dirt.

My hubby is taking the day off so he can spend the whole day with me. That’s the best present of all!

Also Happy Birthday to my Mom whose day is Aug 19 – I was somewhat of a birthday present for her. Although after 3 days of labor, I’m not sure how she felt about her “present” at the time!

Another shout out to my good buddy Shirley, whose birthday is next week, and also to my neighbor Brigitte for her birthday last week. My brother-in-law Dennis celebrates the day after me, and my nephew James on Aug 29. Our friend Dave celebrates Aug 22, and my German friend Gisela on the 23rd.

What went on in November to cause all these birthdays?

Me and Mom hiding out at the harbor.



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7 responses to “Birthday Season

  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it’s party time there. Wishing you and your family great celebrations!

  2. Happy Birthday Sonja 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

  3. Have a great birthday!

  4. Les

    and happy birthday from me too, with a big wet kiss!

  5. Sonja says:

    Hey thanks you guys! Thanks for being part of my year.

  6. Les

    Hey sonja…Hows retailing over there at the moment…..its a bit slow over here

  7. Happy belated! Sounds like you have a quite a crowd with birthdays, you should have a block bbq. Happy returns, too 🙂

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