Neighborly Watch

I get a kick out of the people in my neighborhood.

We live in a very stable part of our housing tract. By that, I mean that no one in our corner has moved in a long time, and the newest family has been here for 15 years. So we all know each other and keep an eye on each other’s homes. One of these couples, I’ll call them Ned and Sarah, have been here the longest, well over 25 years, and they are extremely friendly and outgoing. Everyone’s welcome in their home at any time. They are just that nice.

The other day I bumped into the college-age son of the couple who live across the street from us. Billy, whose father is Bill, told me this story that had me in stitches.

One night last week, Billy came home about 1:30 AM and noticed that Ned and Sarah’s car door was wide open and the interior lights were on. Although he didn’t see anything else amiss with the car, being the good neighbor that he is, he went home, woke up his dad Bill Sr., and the two of them proceeded to check out Ned and Sarah’s house. They knocked on the door, and it fell open; this really made them suspicious and concerned!

They entered the house and called Ned and Sarah’s name loudly as they looked through each room of the house; there was no response. The last place they checked was the master bedroom.


Ned and Sarah were in bed, a little surprised but beckoning to Bill and Billy to “Come on in! What’s new?”

Knowing the nature of Ned and Sarah, I just had to laugh. Their first reaction wasn’t “What are you doing here?”, it was simply “Come on in!”

Billy said later the situation could have been either dangerous (if they had a weapon) or embarrassing (if marital relations had been in progress), but instead, it was just plain funny, and a heartwarming reminder of how nice it is to live in a neighborhood where people really care about each other!



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3 responses to “Neighborly Watch

  1. Paul Baylay

    Finding a corner of the world where people even know their neighbours is beautiful, let alone do something to help out. It sounds like you have a slice of utopia – so don’t let it go.

  2. That’s a great story. It’s awesome to live in a neighborhood like that.

  3. Your neighbourhood sounds like the stuff you used to hear about from the 50’s. Now all you need is a Malt Shop and those Hovercars that they claimed everyone would have 🙂

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