After the Hike

My husband Bill loves a clean car. He enjoys detailing our cars and takes pride in a shiny vehicle. Two of our cars are black, so it’s a second part-time job for him to keep them clean!

So when you see his car in this kind of condition, you know something special has happened. And it did – last weekend Bill and his friends Dave and Dan joined with a small group of hikers to hike Mt.Whitney, the tallest mountain in California. They started out at 1:00 am and finished in the afternoon. Is it any wonder I call Bill “the middle-aged marvel”?



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3 responses to “After the Hike

  1. Because I forgot to comment back to you, the new car gets 22/28MPG. Not great, but doable for now.

  2. Shaymus

    Hey have you ever seen the aussie show called Kath and Kim?

  3. Mt Whitney? awesome. Sounds like quite a hike and a good weekend.

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