Oil Spill

It’s like the Exxon Valdez stopped at my house.

It’s a beautiful summery day and I open my front door to find a FedEx package on my doorstep. The shirt I ordered for my husband from L.L. Bean has arrived!

I put on a pair of shoes and trot out first to the mailbox. I clutch the mail and the Fed Ex package to my chest as I walk up the path to the front door . I walk into the house and throw the mail and the package on the couch, as I always do.

I notice my hands feel very oily. I notice small oil spots on the mail. What gives?

The culprit becomes apparent – the Fed Ex package is drenched in what appears to be motor oil. And it’s sitting on my couch.

A whirlwind of activity ensues while I try to remove the oil from my couch cushion, the floor, and myself. I scrub a section of the floor where I had placed the package for a moment. I scrub my couch cushion with some non-toxic laundry detergent; lastly I change my clothes and launder them.

I called FedEx and they were very apologetic and offered to dry clean the cushion if needed. The fellow explained to me that the source of the oil was probably an engine or engine part that was being shipped by another party, and that said object had probably not been properly drained of oil before shipping. The carrier probably did not notice this (although I find that hard to believe, he must have been covered with oil before the end of his shift).

So the moral of my little story is: Handle your newly-delivered FedEx with care. Do not hold it against your clothes or throw it on any household surface without checking the oil level first!

…Just don’t leave it at my house!!!!!



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4 responses to “Oil Spill

  1. Makes you wish for wordless Wednesday when life was quiet and peaceful at your house, doesn’t it? We had a delivery once of 10 clearly mangled boxes, with 33 speakers inside, almost all were damaged, which our cowardly driver left on the side of our house instead of the usual place we designated for UPS, and we only discovered them when we brought in our trash cans-right before it rained and would have finished them off! I am afraid that Service had become Dis-Service… How tragic for the human race.

  2. I always thought you had to sign for a package, when an item was Fed-exed to you. Because it was clear why the deliver person left it on the ground. At least customer service seemed sympathic.

  3. Hi Sonja,

    Your sense of humor at a time when humor could fly out the window is just lovely. The way you told the story succeeded in having me roll in stitches with laughter. And just at a time when I needed to see the funny side of such things.

    Having personal experience with chemical sensitivities, sometimes it seems that daily situations are filled with unlikely twists like the one you describe. My recent move has proved very challenging in terms of chemical exposures and setting up a new place to be relatively toxin-free. Thinking of your lovely attitude in this article has helped. Thank you.

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