Yuji’s Parrot Sighting

Our friend Yuji went outside for some air and saw…a parrot in his palm tree. He quickly snapped a photo of it. This parrot was spotted about 6 miles from my home.

It looks like a Mexican Redheaded parrot to me. I had one once when I was younger (unfortunately it passed away from a heart problem 20 years ago).

It’s always exciting to see a parrot on your property (at least for me; and apparently for Yuji as well). Their numbers are growing out here in California. Some people complain about the noise they make when they fly overhead. I say I’d rather have less noise from people talking on cell phones and playing the loud bass in their cars.



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3 responses to “Yuji’s Parrot Sighting

  1. I also think it’s so exciting to spot a parrot, deer or any creature in your yard. And by the way that’s a great shot!

  2. What’s really funny is how these birds begin to mimic the sounds they hear from us humans… so that one day Sonja, the sounds you want less of might not be so bad when they come from a bird. Imagine this beautiful feathered friend doing bird calls of cell phones and car stereo bass? We have one near our house now, it’s the strangest thing, changes the meaning of getting back to nature completely…

  3. I would definitely find that cool if it happened to me. But the only way that would happen in Toronto, is if someone’s parrot escaped from it’s cage.

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