Creative Security System

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A jewelry store in Detroit, Michigan has “installed” a most unique security system. Scorpions!

As a temporary “attraction”, the store manager added scorpions to his jewelry cases. The customers apparently liked this touch so much (???) that the scorpions are now a permanent fixture.

Apparently the scorpions also deter theft. Although I don’t see why a determined criminal wouldn’t just wear thick gloves during the commission of the theft. I suppose the real deterrent is against the “casual” thief posing as a customer during regular business hours!!

It seems these cases would be the perfect environment for the scorps, as they have lots of bright light (to best show off the jewelry) and the items are displayed in platters of sand, silver, and turquoise within the case. Just like the desert!

Oh, the irony…something beautiful displayed with something scary.

There have been no robberies since the scorps were introduced…



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2 responses to “Creative Security System

  1. And how many sales have there been? Just wondering if there have been an increase in curious lookie-lous but not in sales… Hopefully there will not be an incidence of a couple coming in to find an engagement ring and one of them going out on a stretcher, or in a body bag.

    Sorry to be grim, but when people care more about things than people’s safety I worry (and when I think about the safety of the people working in the store, as well as the mental capacity-let’s face it, one bad day when you are just a tad distracted is all it takes). It doesn’t take much.

    Today it is an interesting story, but tomorrow it is a story we would all be scratching our heads saying “My God, what were they thinking!!!” Why can’t we get there before we ARE there?

  2. That’s an awesome idea!

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